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Light-bulbleaving house after quests

by Julie Loughrie - Dec 08, 2013 Star_s309 views

this has happened several times now and this time i caught it. I had to finish ben's quests to get the green key where the black ghost is. Then the ghost wants things that i have to craft at other houses. If I go out of the house I can't go back and finish the ghost's quest yet i don't know what he is going to want until I talk to him. I can't talk to him until I get the key from finishing ben's house. Catch 22?

I was going to buy the things needed but one of them was the armchair...not available in the store.

Am I missing something?

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12-em-plus add reply

I realize that the armchair is made at eddie's but in order to make/collect it I have to leave the house, then can't go back in. So i guess I need to have the armchair in inventory before i even get the quest.


Eddies i where the armchair is


where is the armchair located??

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