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Light-bulbFree Water Day - January 2, 2014

by Alan Attebery - Dec 12, 2013 Star_s5,349 views

The snow on Mount Leghorn is beginning to melt. Soon, the melting will be in full swing. Your farm will benefit from all that melted snow as the water overflows your Wells. And that will result in you being able to use an unlimited amount of Water on your farm for an entire day.

FarmVille 2 is sponsoring a Free Water Day on January 2, 2014. The event will run from Midnight to Midnight Pacific Standard Time. If you live in another time zone, you will need to convert that to your time.

FarmVille 2 has created an event page for this on Facebook ( If you RSVP for this event (click the Join button on the event page), you will find a link for 1 Speed Grow 10-Pack.

They have also announced that if they can get 500,000 RSVPs for the event, there will be a special surprise for their guests.

Finally, make sure to scroll through the replies on the event page after you have joined. You will find a post with a link for a 1 Water 10-Pack.

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12-em-plus add reply

i havent been on farmville in a couple of days when i came on i have the free water, but how long does it last?


I already miss that free water - I want it baaaaaaaack!!!!!


wow what a planting frenzy. I think i sat at my computer for about 7 / 8 hrs straight just planting tomato, blueberry, corn, radish and blackberry. Gained about 50K xp in the process and stocked up my honey supply. Also made some ice cubes for the latest quest thing.


hahaha, I know how you feel :D


Me too! I've been planting corn, blueberry and radish all day. My wrist is starting to hurt LOL!


this is awesome :D since I allready have too much of everything, I'm just gonna plant radish and other 1-2 min crops for the ribbons.... and to stock on those...


I also apologize for doing (no free water yet) in caps... was upset.. I do now have unlimited water on my farm. Hummm the staff must have read our posts... : )


I also have not started to receive any water and I am on EST. it is now 7:15am EST and no water. I signed up for it. Even got my free gift for doing it. NO FREE WATER YET... What is going on? : (


where is the free water? i have not received any it said 12 am


Sharon it starts at midnight eastern standard time so about 4pm today in Perth Australia :)


So... it's free water day and I did click JOIN on FB but no free water... anyone know how this works?


How about stockpiling rye. It's very useful in high coin recipes. Also blackberries make a great deal of feed for a 2 minute crop.


Farmville 2 players should take a few notes before playing water day Jan 2nd!

Farmville promises us to give us a whole day of water for free meaning you can stockpile on some stuff. I looked a bit around the farm and through the recipes and would love any additions to what can be done. Any suggestions would be helpful, esp. on recipes to check out. In case you thing this is excessive - it is how my mind ticks. ;)))

In general it seems to me there are two things to keep in mind - the plants you can do during this day to make best use of it and recipes. But recipes require power - you have to be careful with that and dismiss any making of things which does not involve water for that day.

Get your farm ready = empty to take advantage of everything and do think tactical for future use. Remember that time will be the enemy and things you usually dismiss for not worth the time are exactly what you should be doing that day - like planting blueberries or making lemon water. Or making a recipe with those lemonades - usually you are right, but now water will be free making them much more interesting to use.

Just as an example: I have been building up 300 heavy cream before I could use them - but once I was able to, I could produce as many results as I wanted - well, up to 300 - because I spend the weeks before in collecting the sugar when I did not need them. Similar with the lime water - you may not use it until very late, but when you have it, it is such a nice addition.

// now
Get as many shears as you can and stock up on power / fertilizer if you can. You should go in the day with fully filled fertilizer. Get all the plots you can manage. Talk to friends about how to help each other. Get baby bottles and cochin chicken.

Go through your items and make note of what you need, want on a piece of paper, much easier to keep track of.

- build groves so you can make better use of the space
- go through your pantry and make a list of things you like to stock up on trees and plant them so you do not forget them. This can double as "trees I should bring to heirloom so I can put them in my stock and bring them out of I need them later".
- build sprinklers to make watering easy if you have not done so
- make new friends esp if you are higher leveled and with medals as they will visit you more often due to to your ranking.

// Recipes to go for
Remember you have three crafting areas - kitchen, kiln and workshop.
See and alike for recipe overviews. Use the search feature of your browser (CTRL-F and F3 for continue search) to see the ones with water and where you can use them later.

Lime water - requires 4 limes
(note that for later use with cherry heirloom lemonade you need heirloom limes and for that you need shears)

Lemon Water - requires 2 lemons (only useful if you are lower grade)
Apple Juice - requires 4 apples
Broth - requires 6 onions
Dough - requires a flour

Kiln: Pottery Slip - requires 2 Mud
Workshop: Lye - requires 6 wood

Also look through your stock pile if you have enough onions to make some broth, don't forget some tomato paste / bread etc and plant them right now so you have them when you want to make them.

I suggest make a list and then go through them. Like "I want 30 pottery slips" will be one cycle of power, lye is not used that often but if you have time / power, just make a bunch of them, you will use them at some point under guarantee. I likely will go 15 broth / 15 juice etc. I tend to make them when I have time and spare power as backups, not as recipes I am using as they are not yielding enough. In the order of things those are easy to make later with not much water and might be better used otherwise. Only do then if you have spare power.

Usually I do not do the lime lemonade as it is too expensive on water but I will this time as much as I can - later I can use that with other ingredients to make raspberry lemonade or heirloom cherry lemonade out of it. If you are a lower level, cherry heirloom lemonade is a great moneymaker.

I will be going mainly for doing the lime lemonade which then later can be used for cherry heirloom lemonade or raspberry lemonade at a high sale - those ingredients can come later, but if I have enough of the core lemonade ... Even if you are not yet at the level of doing the final recipes, do stock up now on this. The same reason you should start doing heavy cream as soon as you can - you have to collect the sugar over time for it.

// General notes:
- check which recipe is the best for YOU to make use of the water (lime water is a favorite of mine but I have the level)
- make a timetable and decide if you will be able to be there which / each hour to spend the power in building stuff
- it may cost you now to buy trees and abandon them later, but the amount of water you can save may make it worth your time

- learn about the water trick with the groves (see below)
- get yourself a bunch of cochin chickens - those are the fastest and biggest way to get fertilizer. Start them now and use your requests for asking friends for stuff for baby bottles and scour the newsfeeds.
- if you are close to going over the level threshold, consider making everything empty and nearly ready. This way you can water everything, pass the threshold, get everything harvest ready and move again.
- visit all your good friends neighbors and talkt to them before if they know the groove trick, if not maybe check with them on animals for fertilizer)

// planting schedule
I will also use some of the time stocking up on blueberries / corn and tomatos, as these are much requested items in many quests. By squaring of your plots with sprinklers, it will be easy to remember "this is where the long crops are planted, this is where I do blueberries".

You also might want to look at squash - 2 hour grow time and you can combine it with milk for a 5K recipe. While waiting for a blueberry field to grow, you can f.e. visit a neighbour. Depending on how much time you want to spend, making a planting schedule also will help you decide what to plant. Go for a number like "400 blueberries in stock" - in my case I have 136 plots meaning only 3 plants. I probably will divide my fields in something bigger to grow like squash for half of them and do the rest with the short term crops - it will take me more time to plant / harvest the whole farm, so I can as well just manage half of it.

Plan your sleep / work: If you do not have time to go for your farm, it makes sense to have a plant during that time which will make use of it. Going to sleep? 8h plants it is. ;) Just quickly going in every hour? plant something with an hour harvest schedule or have revolving ones (one plot area with 4h / 2h / 1h) so that every hour you do something - remember that is also about getting the power back to make recipes. Quick in and out for a few minutes can be very lucrative.

Leave all your neighbour action from now on and wait for the 2nd to arrive - those will not go away with time and will help you to have "action" on your farm. This way you can plant something with a high time to grow and quickly get it done with. Use them for your big ticket items like onions if you do not have enough - then again it is 2 more days till the day, that is enough time to get them going til then. ;)

Remember that trees are the biggest water items. While you are at it sorting your trees, make a list of them and get 4 of every one of them and make an effort over time to bring them into your inventory as elder trees. This way when it calls for "make 4 x trees" you don't have to buy them over and over again but just get them from inventory. By having 4 of each you can later just sell new elder trees for shears as you have all you need for the quests.

// visiting neighbors
As mentioned use your action best on single trees. Remember that visiting your neighbours during that day will not only give you water but also fertilizer - this might be helpful to stack up on before the 2nd. Start with the most right person on your list to get the best result when visiting and once you do not get any water / fertilizer any more, then visit your lower level friends. Your action still will count for them but you will not loose the fertilizer.

// Don't forget farmhands use!
Use invites and send them out now and the next two days, those will also batch up and come in one by one. I will mostly use them on producing raspberries. Did you know that you do not need a fertilizer on a field, it just needs to be watered? A neighbour action requires a field with fertilizer but not with a farmhand - so you just need there to be a watered field. :)

// learn about the water trick with the groves
If you water a single tree with your neighbours you can water up to 9 trees. If the neighbour moves them into the grooves before starting the action one per groove, the whole groove will be watered thus making each action one watered groove. Look for suspiciously lined up trees and concentrate on them, esp. when there is a sign hinting towards them.

During Water day this will allow you to water the tree, fertilize them, use the neighbour, and rewater again without having to wait the time. Pull out all of your trees you already have first to see how much space you still have left.

Have fun and don't forget - - Gamers Unite is your best friend of collecting items. Learn about the Link exchange and strangers will help you out much more than your friends. ;) Connect with and every time you need something, post the items to the board and you will have what you need in minutes.

[note for the moderator - also posting to facebook profile did not work and resulting a loop for this comment instead of posting it.]


Because of the glitches the other day I loaded the game in Facebook and got the invite to join in game. I clicked it there. I never saw a page with a link to speedgrow! and now it says I'm going and no link! So the only way you can get that reward is if you joined on the event page instead of through the pop up in the game? :(

Or does someone have the link they can post? ty.


Would also be wise to stash decorations to make room and maximize your plot capabilities for the Jan. 2 water craze. I for one will be making more sprinklers and trying to get blue ribbons for the one and two minute ingredients. Fertilizers will be precious.


awesome...i want to do this


Forgot to add dough with the water based creations. Add wheat to your stockpile list if you plan to take advantage by making this.


This would be the time to stock up on ingredients that need water to make something in the kitchen, like stockpiling onions to make broth, lemons and limes to make lime/lemon water, which are the basis of other recipes. Its also a time to stockpile 1 and 2 minute crops like blueberries, corn, radishes, and tomatoes. Even if you run out of fertilizer, so what? free water, plant them again. and again, and again, and again. Stockpile day!

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