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Light-bulbTimed Quest: Teddy Bears (8 missions)

by Alan Attebery - Dec 17, 2013 Star_s7,024 views


Walter wants to impress Barbara once more, so he will be helping out with the Teddy Bear drive this week. Of course, what Walter really means is that you will be helpling him to help Barbara. You will help Walter with this task not only through the Teddy Bears quest, but also by building and operating the Teddy Bear Gift Exchange. This will allow you to craft Teddy Bears that you can then exchange for Golden Tickets, which you can then exchange again for prizes.

There are 8 missions in this quest and IT IS A TIMED one. You must be at least Level 12 to receive this quest. The expected end date is Tuesday, December 31.

See below for the requirements and rewards for the Teddy Bears quest as well as building and operating the Teddy Bear Gift Exchange.



NOTE: Although the Teddy Bears quest is expected to end on December 31, the associated Teddy Bear Gift Exchange is not expected to end until January 7.



Teddy Bear Gift Exchange - Place
Teddy Bear Gift Exchange - Place

Rewards: n/a


Teddy Bear Gift Exchange - Materials
Teddy Bear Gift Exchange - Materials
Collect 10 Crafting Baskets
Collect 10 Green Cloths
Collect 10 Red Wooden Planks

Rewards: n/a


Teddy Bear Gift Exchange - Builders
Teddy Bear Gift Exchange - Builders

Rewards: n/a



Teddy Bear Gift Exchange - Rewards
Teddy Bear Gift Exchange - Rewards

Rewards: Teddy Bear Gnome, Goodie Bag, Teddy Bear Float, Noble Fir Tree, Girgentana Goat



Teddy Bears: 1 of 8 - Just the Flax, Ma'am
Just the Flax, Ma'am
Place Teddy Bear Gift Exchange
Water 10 Flax
Feed 2 Adult Sheep

Rewards: 30 XP & 300 Coins & 2 Holiday Hooks


Teddy Bears: 2 of 8 - Winter Training
Winter Training
Collect 5 Winter Locomotives
Feed 2 Adult Cows
Make 3 Half and Half

Rewards: 35 XP & 350 Coins & 2 Holiday Hooks


Teddy Bears: 3 of 8 - Eyes on the Prize Crop
Eyes on the Prize Crop
Harvest 16 Pumpkin
Harvest 4 Lemon Trees
Receive 4 Prized Crops

Rewards: 40 XP & 400 Coins & 2 Holiday Hooks


Teddy Bears: 4 of 8 - Scale Modeling
Scale Modeling
Collect 5 Model Stations
Harvest 12 Onions
Make 2 Broth

Rewards: 45 XP & 450 Coins & 2 Holiday Hooks


Teddy Bears: 5 of 8 - Happy Little Trees
Happy Little Trees
Tend Sheep Shack 2 times
Harvest 4 Pine Trees
Feed 4 Adult Pigs

Rewards: 50 XP & 550 Coins & 2 Holiday Hooks


Teddy Bears: 6 of 8 - The Squeaky Wheel
The Squeaky Wheel
Tend Rabbit Warren 2 times
Harvest 4 Olive Trees
Make 2 Olive Oil

Rewards: 90 XP & 900 Coins & 2 Holiday Hooks


Teddy Bears: 7 of 8 - To Cap It Off
To Cap It Off
Collect 5 Engineer Caps
Harvest 25 Strawberries
Harvest 4 Banana Trees

Rewards: 70 XP & 650 Coins & 2 Holiday Hooks


Teddy Bears: 8 of 8 - Pretty In Yellow
Pretty In Yellow
Harvest 10 Sunflower
Tend Pig Pen 2 times
Make 2 Sunflower Pots

Rewards: 120 XP & 1100 Coins & 2 Holiday Hooks

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If you are missing your Teddy Bear quests, please read the following found on Zynga Support (


My Teddy Bear Quests are Missing!

Hello Farmers!

Some Farmers are reporting that they had the Quests for the Teddy Bear feature, but now they are gone. We're terribly sorry for this! Our Team is aware of the missing Quests. A fix is being worked on.
 However, the Support Team won't be able to get those Quests back for the meantime.
Thank you again while we work on this issue. We appreciate your patience!

There is another issue that might be causing you problems.  In the Holiday Book, Week 3, there is a requirement that asks you to collect Hooks by helping Walter.  The button that says, "Go to Quest", won't work if you are missing the Quests for Walter and the Teddy Bear Quests.  This is something that will be fixed at the same time as the missing quests.

You don't need to write to support about this, but you CAN click the "Please Fix!" button at the bottom of this article to state that your account is affected.

FarmVille 2 Support
You can find the Please Fix button over on the Zynga Support thread for this issue (

@Geraldine Leone - Your invites aren't trickling in one by one. That "one" is put there by the game because it's assuming you haven't invited anyone and it's trying to remind you that the Gift Exchange is there. It just doesn't know that the Exchange has technically ended.


You can still collect the prizes.


Why are the Teddy Bear invites trickling in one by one? The quest has been over for about 1 week now so let's get it over with. Talk about overkill.


i am missing my plants for the wintergreen bear i dnt got the fuzzy one anymore and the wintergreen plant is gone what happened?


@Samantha Nott - It appears that the Teddy Bear Gift Exchange is still working. I haven't actively been using it, but will make something if one of my old invites gets accepted. And I did get a reward after it ended. Don't know why it's still working, though.


I'm wondering why we can still make teddy bears now the time has ended?
(is there any point seeing as we cannot collect prizes now) :D


how about extending the quest since we are trying,and things keep disapearing thank you for reading this


Bob Fisher wears womens clothing and has pigtails!


Julie Lotz. The people that are just standing around could be 'Bob Fisher' I keep getting up to 4 at a time. All in different outfits. But nothing happens with them and after a while they go not waiting the 8 hour they say they will be there.


@Julie Lotz - When you see that someone has responded to your invite, you need to click the Teddy Bear Gift Exchange table. This will start the process of getting the line moving.


I have built the teddy bear table and have made plenty of bears which are all sitting on the table. How do you give the bears to the friends you invite. The friends just seem to stand around the table! It says they are there for 8 hours. Don't we invite our friends to the table so they can take the bears and then we earn the tickets or is my table not working properly?


I got up to stage 4 and then the quest disappeared. I haven't got the teddy bear thing built yet. Are all the quests gone? Do you need to build it before you can continue? Just waiting on some builders...


My quest also disappeared I was on 4 of 8 and am afraid to harvest the onions in case if it reappears it won't count!


Can anybody tell why I lost my quest I was on 7of 8 now its gone how do I get back????


Alan, I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your parakeet. They are amazing parrots whose intelligence and companionship is worth many times the $17.95 that they cost at Petco. I have a widowed senior female parakeet named Pearl, who was a rescue. Despite her horrific history as a breeder for a lowlife bird supplier, and the recent loss of her beloved mate Craig, she is the light of our lives.

I thought I'd list the materials needed for the various teddy bears:

Nutcracker Teddy Bear (earns 3 tickets): 3 wool, 3 brass buttons (post)
Reindeer Teddy Bear (2 tickets): 8 flax, 2 jingle bells (ask)
Fuzzy Wool Teddy Bear (1 ticket): 2 fur, 8 wheat

The number of tickets needed for each prize is...

Teddy Bear Gnome: 10
Goodie bag: 25
Teddy bear float: 45
Noble fir tree: 75
Baby girgentana goat: 100


Ditto my quest has disappeared, closed and re-opened FV2 several times and still nothing :-(


I'm in the same boat as Kima...what happened to the Teddy Bear Quest?


teddy bear quest, i was bussy with second quest, but he is now gone, whats happened?


@Simon Nash - Prize Crops are those crops that occasionally appear when you harvest a crop you have Fertlized. So the only "tip" anyone can give you is to harvests crops you have Fertilized.

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