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Question-whitePruning elder trees

by Stacey Cho - Dec 22, 2013 Star_s216 views

What happens if you try pruning elder trees?

My elder lime trees look like normal lime trees even though it is still tagged as elder but I can't store it into inventory...

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12-em-plus add reply

You cannot prune Elder Trees.

Elder Trees do store in Inventory (make sure you take them out of your Grove first, or click the "sell" or "store" button when notified that a tree has become Eldered). If your Elder Trees won't store, then you will need to contact Zynga Support.

Be careful when storing Eldered Trees. Your Inventory will NOT combine like Trees into a single listing. For example, it won't show an Elder Orange Tree and tell you that you have 6 of them. Instead, all six Elder Orange Trees will have their own listings. This means the number of pages in your inventory will skyrocket if you store all your Elder Trees. And some people are saying that they are getting error notices after about 40 pages of trees.

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