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Light-bulbTimed Quest: Holiday Stocking (8 missions)

by Alan Attebery - Dec 24, 2013 Star_s4,145 views

Hey folks,

I am sick at the moment and don't have it in me to play FarmVille 2 so I can put together the quest guide for the Holiday Stocking timed quest or the related Luggage Cart and Winter Carridge Rides.

Until I am feeling better, you can get the information you need from the following links.

Holiday Stocking quest - (you will need to scroll a third of the way down to find it).

Luggage Cart and Winter Carridge Ride -

As far as I can tell, I have added all items needed for these quests to the Snag Bar. So you should be good to go in that regard.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to crawl to the bathroom and cough up a lung. I'll see you all once I'm feeling better.

Alan Attebery



Cornelius, the Village Grocer, has decided to go visit his friends and family for the holidays. Of course, he'll need your help getting things ready. The Holiday Stocking quest will help both of you with that task. In addition, you'll be building the Luggage Cart so you and your friends can take Winter Carriage Rides with Marie, Walter, Barbara, Gus, and Cornelius. It promises to be a fun time.

There are 8 missions in this quest and IT IS A TIMED one. You must be at least Level 12 to receive this quest. The expected end date is Tuesday, January 7.

See below for the requirements and rewards for the Holiday Stocking quest as well as building and operating the Luggage Cart and Winter Carriage Rides.



NOTE: Although the Holiday Stocking quest is expected to end on January 7, the associated Luggage Cart is not expected to end until January 14.



Luggage Cart - Place
Luggage Cart - Place

Rewards: n/a


Luggage Cart - Materials
Luggage Cart - Materials
Collect 10 Handbags
Collect 10 Cart Wheels
Collect 10 Metal Sheets

Rewards: n/a


Luggage Cart - Builders
Luggage Cart - Builders

Rewards: n/a



Winter Carriage Rides - Stage One
Stage One
Craft Toy Trains
Craft Cheese Quiche
Craft Tomato Soups

Rewards: Various Consumables


Winter Carriage Rides - Stage Two
Stage Two
Craft Winter Drapes
Craft Collard Green Soups
Craft Fig Cakes

Rewards: Various Consumables


Winter Carriage Rides - Stage Three
Stage Three
Craft Cornbread
Craft Glass Good Luck Charms
Craft Fragrant Perfumes

Rewards: Various Consumables


Winter Carriage Rides - Stage Four
Stage Four
Craft Fancy Toy Bunnies
Craft Flax Fruitcakes
Craft Wool Pouches

Rewards: Various Consumables


Winter Carriage Rides - Stage Five
Stage Five
Craft Friendship Quilts
Craft Pumpkin Pies
Craft Leather Trunks

Rewards: Thawing Fountain



Holiday Stocking: 1 of 8 - Packing It In
Packing It In
Place Luggage Cart
Feed 2 Adult Rabbits
Harvest 10 Corn

Rewards: 30 XP & 300 Coins & 2 Holiday Hooks


Holiday Stocking: 2 of 8 - Playing Ketchup
Playing Ketchup
collect 5 Grocery Crates
Harvest 16 Tomatoes
Make 2 Tomato Pastes

Rewards: 35 XP & 350 Coins & 2 Holiday Hooks


Holiday Stocking: 3 of 8 - Fantastic Fertilizer
Fantastic Fertilizer
Harvest 4 Apple Trees
Tend Fertlizer Bins 2 times
Fertilize 12 Georgia Collard Greens

Rewards: 40 XP & 400 Coins & 2 Holiday Hooks


Holiday Stocking: 4 of 8 - It's in the Bag
It's in the Bag
Collect 5 Grocery Bags
Make 1 Collard Green Quiche
Receive 8 Fur

Rewards: 45 XP & 450 Coins & 2 Holiday Hooks


Holiday Stocking: 5 of 8 - Storing Up
Storing Up
Tend Goat Shelter 2 times
Harvest 4 Lemon Trees
Receive 12 Pieces of Wood

Rewards: 50 XP & 550 Coins & 2 Holiday Hooks


Holiday Stocking: 6 of 8 - Horse Cents
Horse Cents
Tend Horse Stable 2 times
Feed 4 Adult Horses
Receive 8 Wool

Rewards: 90 XP & 900 Coins & 2 Holiday Hooks


Holiday Stocking: 7 of 8 - Doing it Write
Doing it Write
Collect 5 Grocery Tags
Harvest 4 Orange Trees
Harvest 20 Wheat

Rewards: 70 XP & 650 Coins & 2 Holiday Hooks


Holiday Stocking: 8 of 8 - How Dairy You!
How Dairy You!
Tend Cow Shed 2 times
Feed 6 Adult Cows
Harvest 8 Peach Trees

Rewards: 120 XP & 1100 Coins & 2 Holiday Hooks

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@Martha Holthouse - You might want to direct your "please fix" message towards Zynga Support, as we here at Gamers Unite! have no control over how FarmVille 2 works.


got all the way to the last ride, did the ride and completed, got loads of power then it asked me to store the luggage, no fountain arrived and when i went back on it now tells me to start again ahhhhhh bugs all over this challenge.............................hang on ive found it in buildings inventory, it gives you 5 water every 18 minutes until you get to 75, still dont know why it wants me to start again though


got all the way to the last ride, did the ride and completed, got loads of power then it asked me to store the luggage, no fountain arrived and when i went back on it now tells me to start again ahhhhhh bugs all over this challenge


Like most of you things are disappearing with me too. However I managed to complete 4 rides and now I have to craft 8 quilts, 7 pumpkin pies and 7 leather trunks. Sorry, but I'm out on this one. My resources are dwindling down so fast I don't think it's worth just 5 extra water per day. Good luck though to those who are still willing to give it a try.
And Alan, it's good to hear you are starting to feel better


I am having the same issue with the luggage cart. It keeps "eating" what I have crafted, and of course the one's that need posted items are the first to go. Unless I complete all of a certain item and get the check mark, when I come back over half are gone. It has been doing it to me since it opened and I am getting rather frustrated! I am finally on the last stage but I can't collect enough quilt pieces to make them all at one time, so I just know I am going to lose what I make.


anyone know why the luggage cart keeps having issues. I craft what i need come back to finish and its all back at 0. then i go to my market stall and i see everything i've made. its getting frustrating to try and complete.


Pleaaaaase help me! I am so frustrated. I have packed the required products for week 2 of the slide and I just can't invite my farmville friends because I have invited them the first week. 2 Days have passed though!


Just read this, hope you're on the mend, we need you farmer. TYVM for all you do on here.


Hi Alan,

Glad to hear your feeling a little better. Take a bunch of vitamin C if you have some. It sucks to be under the weather during the holidays. My wife is feeling under the weather also; I hope it's just a cold and not the flu. Have a Happy New Year!



Thanks for all the well-wishes. The good news is that I did not have the flu. The bad news is that the doctor didn't think it was virus-related, which basically meant no prescription and I just had to wait things out. I'm not 100% yet (damn cough and sore throat), but I finally felt well enough this morning to play FarmVille 2 again.

I posted as much of the quest above as I got through this morning. I will continue adding the images to it as I work my way through, though the quest, Luggage Cart, and Winter Carriage Rides all appear to be fairly simple in concept. It doesn't look like anyone had any issues with it while I was gone.


Feel better Alan, I know I'm late, but I've had PC problems. Get to feeling better and Merry Christmas. Thanks for all your help.


Take care of yourself and feel better soon! Merry Christmas!!!


Hope you feel better soon!!! Thank you for all that you do on this board. :-)


Aw, hope you feel better soon! Thanks for all your efforts -- this site makes playing FV2 so much more fun :-)

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a wonderful 2014!!


Take care of yourself. We will all survive (barely) without your help for a few(?) days. Thanks for everything you do. Merry Christmas( or Happy Holidays) and Happy New Year!


Wishing you a speedy recovery and a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for all you do to help us!!! Merry Christmas.


Hope you feel better soon~Remember-Lots of fluids :) Merry Christmas!


Get better Alan. we miss you here. Merry Christmas and have a better Happy New Year


So sorry you are ill, hope you feel better soon!


Hope you feel better, plenty of rest and lots of hydration. Merry Christmas! :D

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