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Question-whiteQuestion about newest version of Snag Bar

by Stacy Garfinkel - Jan 05, 2014 Star_s60 views

Ever since the other day when you posted about the lack of support for coding practices by Google and the need to uninstall and re-installing newest update, I have to keep restarting my snag bar. I did uninstall the old one and re-installed the new one. Removed it from Programs and deleted it from settings. The problem I am having is that before, anytime I opened my browser, the snag bar resumed snagging. Now, any time I have to close the browser or reboot my computer, I have to manually turn the snag bar back on. Is this something intentional, or is it a bug?

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Replies are not available on this topic.

Please visit the thread linked below and post your Snag Bar issue there. Before you post, however, please make sure to read the entire original post. Especially the section titled “Reporting an Issue.” Without answers for all the questions there, I may not be able to help you:


Same problem here Stacy. Two huge problems with GU snag bar, to be honest!
1). Snag Bar version isn't indicated anymore! Don't know why...
2). Any time I have to close my chrome or reboot my laptop, I have to manually turn the snag bar back on...
I don't think is a GU problem and I believe it has to do with FB coding and extensive changes again.

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