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Light-bulblevel 368 HELP!!!

by Bobbie Wills - Jan 15, 2014 Star_s370 views

SOmeone please tell me if there's some nifty trick for level 368????

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12-em-plus add reply

This is not going to be passable unless I buy and I am not going too, very annoying as I love this game, but this is ridiculous.


Something is so wrong with this level ! 20 moves to get 7 feathers down.Most of the time it takes 20 moves to get 1 feather ! Seeing where noone answers or has a link to show you how its possiable would love to tell you where you can stick the feather.


The most I managed was 4 quills, it's just impossible to do.


Does anyone evn read these & get answers to questions? How can you have 20 moves and can not get a feather down.I have made 7 + letter words many times + have the board with all blue letters & still cant threw it ! whats up with that?


Okay who to f----- Made this board up anyway ! This game is getting old. who wants to try and get threw a level like this.After a month of trying and still cant get threw ! Its a trick to get us to buy.I do not enjoy this any more.


This the worst level ever,there is no way to get threw.What were you people thinking...Spinners,slime,moveing tiles & sleepers ! what the hell.I will never buy a thing


I have not found one yet... Can not get more than 3 feathers, Horrible!

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