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Light-bulbHow to beat Candy Crush Saga Dream World Level 46?

by Kixie Lam-Jek - Jan 16, 2014 Star_s65 views

Hi Gamers! We found the following tips for Candy Crush Level 46 on Youtube and Candy Crush Wikia.


The double jelly are in the liquorice locks. The icing can be easily cleared by using wrapped with striped candies. 15 moves are not enough to clear 9 double jellies.


Part 1: The IcingEdit

The Icing

In order to meet the goal to clear all of the jelly boxes, you first need to clear the icing boxes on the outside. There are no jelly boxes underneath the icing, so it will be easy to clear these first. Focus on clearing the icing in sections. Start clearing the boxes from the top and sides to allow more candies onto the board.

Part 2: The Liquorice Locks and JellyEdit

The Liquorice Locks and Jelly.

Once the icings have been cleared, you can focus on clearing the liquorice and jelly boxes. Creating special candies will help you to clear more boxes with fewer moves. The wrapped candies are very useful in this level since the jelly blocks are very close to one another in a square shape.

Part 3: The Moon ScaleEdit

The Moon Scale.

With only 15 moves, you want to try to fill up Odus’ moon scale quickly. When the scale is full you will have fewer colours on the board, allowing you to increase your points and create multiple special candy combinations. When trying to clear the board, do not forget to look out for Odus to return with two new colours to balance.

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