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Question-whiteInternet Explorer issues

by Kelley Dane - Jan 18, 2014 Star_s79 views


Internet explorer keeps having problems with GU. Above is the addy for the message that keeps coming up. Security certificate errors keep coming up on both farmville2 program and GU since I started using both, but lately it's a double bar noting the same information and when I go to post on GU I wind up having to do so 3 times, 3(+) crashes, and default back to the date time stamp when I arrived. During collects I also have massive lags with error messages saying facebook is not responding.

It used to only crash if I had another tile with Farmville2 open while fishing on GU, but now it crashes even when no other tile is open. Is this the new normal or are you working on something?

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12-em-plus add reply

Minnie Lee is right. Your issue is with your Internet Explorer. I've been all over GU! within IE the last two days and haven't had any issues at all.


I'm sorry but your problem IS Internet Explore. I suggest you switch to Firefox or Google Chrome, I find Firefox to be most stable but others prefer Google Chrome.

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