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Light-bulbVolcano - The Gem Mine

by Tonya Collins - Jan 24, 2014 Star_s1,029 views

Seems it is time for us to prepare for a big, red hot Natural Disaster! The Ground Has been Shaking and some Rock Looking
Items have been appearing in the most unlikely places... Something is Definitely Going on with Mount Avalanche!

We will have a 5 mission thread, along with a wrapper on Monday, as well as a 4 stage build, the Gem Mine. We will also see
the erupting Mount Avalanche on our sideboard.

Along with this thread comes 2 new healables. The first is the Geode which is a healable and drops from Forges, mission
crops, the Gem Mine Daily Bonus, and the mission window. These will be healed with 6 Silvery Picks which are crafted from
Hardy Handles (wall post) , and Silvery Blades (drops from harvesting silverswords) . Once Healed it will turn into either
a rock , or a cracked Geode.

The second healable is the Ashed Animal and will Arrive with the wrapper on Monday. These are healed with 8 Ash Brushes,
which are a wall post.

New Boosts:
Debris and Me - doubles drops from debris for 5 minutes
Fertile Ash Boost - Makes 5 Random Crops on the homestead ready to harvest
New Free Gift Crop: Lichen
New Coin Crop: Silversword
New Collection: Volcanic Rock Collection, rewards 1 Fertile Ash Boost


1. Hot Mama
-Harvest 20 Aloe Vera
-Collect the Bonus from the Volcano
-Place the Gem Mine
Rewards: 2 Silver Picks, 3 Bubbling Cauldrons, Cinder Ground unlocked
Notes: Aloe Vera is a coin crop now. The Volcano is the new Sideboard.

2. Shake It All About
-Use a Silver Pick to crack a Geode 5 Times
Harvest 20 Lichen
-Upgrade the Volcano
Rewards: Fire Fruit Tree, 3 Fool's Gold, Molten Cake
Notes: Geodes are healed with 6 Silver Picks which are crafted from 2 Silvery Blades (Silversword) and 3 Hardy Handles
(Wall Post). Lichen is a Free Gift.

3. Bauble Babble
-Tend 25 Fire Fruit Trees
-Harvest 30 Spirit Flames
-Upgrade the Volcano
Rewards: 3 Snow Peas, Animal Edibles, 3 Animal Spirit Crystals
Notes: Fire Fruit Trees will be in the Orchard. Spirit Flames are a Free Gift.

4. Eruption Preparation
-Fully Crack 7 Geodes
-Clear 35 Rocks
-Upgrade the Volcano
Rewards: Debris and Me, Ultimate Chilli, Steamin' Beaver
Notes: Geodes are healed with 6 Silver Picks which are crafted from 2 Silvery Blades (Silversword) and 3 Hardy Handles
(Wall Post).

5. Saving Stafford
-Collect 5 Cracked Geodes
-Gather 50 Burn Salves
-Complete the Building
Rewards: 2 Warehouse Slots, 2 Debris and Me, Book of Experience
Notes: Cracked Geodes can drop from Geodes. Burn Salves come from Lichen.

Monday Wrapper -Ash Advantage
-Tend a Carbon Covered Sheep, Sooty Swine and Ashen Alpaca
-Harvest 50 Compost Piles
-Craft 16 Ash Spreaders
Rewards: Volcano, 3 Fertile Ash Boost, Spicy Deer Jerky
Notes: Sheep, Swine and Alpaca come from the Ashed Animal in the Market. Compost Piles are a free gift. Ash Spreaders are
Each Spreader requires 3 Fine Drills (Pine Trees) and 6 Dented Wheelbarrows (Wall Post)

~~~~~Building Guide~~~~~

Stage One
12 Strength Like Ox - Oxen
9 Back Braces - Direct Request
10 Leverage - Wall Post
10 Cave Support - Bamboo
12 Balanced Pulleys - Direct Request
12 Rock Smashers - Wall Post

Stage Two
20 Bread Crumb Trails - Wheat
15 Gem Bags - Wall Post
9 Jeweller's Lens - Crafted
12 Gem Identification - Fool's Gold
12 Delicate Chisels - Direct Request
8 Brilliant Lanterns - Crafted
Crafting: Each Lens requires 6 Perfect Lenses (Glass Forges) and 8 Telescoping Cases (Wall Post)
Each Lantern requires 6 Ever-Burning Candles (Bubbling Cauldrons) and 8 Lantern Cases (Direct Request)

Stage Three
15 Water Hoses - Snow Peas
16 Smoke Goggles - Wall Post
10 Respirators - Crafted
15 Lava Proof Buckets - Iron Vein
18 Trench Diggers - Direct Request
9 Lava Levees - Crafted
Crafting: Each Respirator requires 6 Gas Bladders (Cows), 10 Breathing Tubes (Wall Posts) and 4 Face Masks (Direct Request)
Each Levee requires 6 Packed Dirt (Sieve Stations) and 8 Concrete Barriers (Direct Requests)

Stage Four
15 Rescue Ropes - Direct Request
16 Heat Proof Boots - Wall Post
10 Lava Gear - Crafted
18 Honeydew Helmets - Honeydew Melons
20 Rope Ladders - Wall Post
12 Stafford Extractors - Crafted
Crafting: Each Lava Gear requires 8 Asbestos Powder (Tin Forges), 8 Reflective Materials (Wall Post) and 5 Smelting Gloves
(Direct Request)
Each Extractor requires 6 Claw Parts (Popcorn Kettles), 9 Long Chains (Direct Request) and 5 Well Winches (Wall Post)



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