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Light-bulbHelp needed with level 163, please!

by Roxanne Toser - Feb 05, 2014 Star_s831 views

I have been trying to beat level 163 for over one week. This is the most trouble I've had with any level. Seems almost impossible to get rid of 190 letters in 24 or 25 (if you use an extra turn) tries. Help would be appreciated

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12-em-plus add reply

You need to ensure that you blow up to adjacent bonus tiles together - preferably 5 letter words and six letter words


Ive thought that too. Blasted loads of tiles but they have not counted on the score. Very frustrating just like when it tells you to make eight words with a letter K but in 20 moves not one K fell..grrrrr!!


I have been stuck on level 163 for a couple weeks. Any hints from anyone !!


I've been on this level for over week now and have tried everything. Getting very frustrated here. Arghhh!!


I've noticed that the number of letters don't match up.. I use line clear and don't get those letters counted in as being removed.

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