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Question-whitetrying to finish 'attach me' need to collect from front gate I have tried 3 times now I get then lose them

by Mary Cragg - Feb 07, 2014 Star_s110 views

this is for hang glidding quest. part 5 need to collect from front gate, have done this 3 times every time I come back to my game. there are no collections from front get, and you can only do this every 10 hrs. when will this be fixed.

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12-em-plus add reply

Had the same problem I paid the cash also but by finishing the quests gives you Park Cash


I had that problem, and finally just paid the bucks to move on.


i have been having the same problem with the front game for about 2 weeks now...this happened on another quest where you could not make the item..eventually it got fixed about one or two days before the quest was ending...I believe it is so you get frustrated and pay cash to buy the reasoning is, if i want to spend money playing the game thats ok...but if i am FORCED to spend money to continue game play on a free game, then i do not need to play this game and will be blocked like other games i have become disenchanted with...hope they have it fixed soon..hate to block the game, because i actually do enjoy playing it...doing the quests, rearranging, etc. time will tell


I had the same issue but I ended up paying cash to finish it


Have the same problem since days - counter has been set back to 0 every time when entering game ...


your not the only one with this issue i dunno when or if it will get fixed but know that about 80-90 percent are having the same issue vary few got past it

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