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Question-whiteWhere can I get Dark Soul Crystals?

by Horst Zobel - Feb 07, 2014 Star_s10,053 views

Where can I get Dark Soul Crystals to learn hero skills?

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Wow, Scott Mazei, ranking "going down" is better. As in the "number 1 player" is the highest ranked.


when it brings up the opponents for the fighting pits there are only people with lower ratings, when i beat them, and i always do, my ranking goes down. I don't know how to change the list so i am fighting people of higher ranking and it's frustrating as anything. I can't build any of my higher evolved tower like the paladin tower or the witch tower


sometimes dark souls are on sale, they where 2 for 80 diamonds, but the free way is to stay in the top 500 of the fighting pit so you get atleast 1 every 3 days.


or you have to wait..... means: sign in daily and get one dark soul crystal once a month at day 22.....

what do you mean with you cannot challenge anyone of a higher rank? each challenge you can increase your rank by 5 (if successful). I think it's possible after some time to get under 500.


but i can never challenge anyone of a higher rank so i am not getting any dark soul crystals, what am i supposed to do?


The only way i see now is from the fighting pits ranking. You get 1 dark soul crystal if you are under rank 500. 2 under rank 100. 3 under rank 40. 4 under rank 20. 5 under rank 10. 6 for rank 3. 8 for rank 2. 10 for rank 1.

It seems you cannot buy it for diamonds.

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