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Light-bulbMap Quest: The Storage Shack (Expansion - Level 77)

by Alan Attebery - Feb 10, 2014 Star_s1,468 views


The Storage Shack expansion area is on the second from the left on the top row of expansions of the current farm. There is Wood Shed and a Silo in this expansions, though only the Silo is really visible. The Macaroni and Cheese cannot be crafted until you hit Level 77, making this expansions something you cannot complete until that time.

NOTE: Each Macaroni and Cheese requires 1 Macaroni Noodles and 2 Cheese Sauces to complete. The Macaroni Noodles are easy to make, as each one only needs 1 Power, 1 Quinoa Flour, and 1 Flour. The Cheese Sauce is a little more time consuming, as each one needs 8 Cheeses and 2 Truffle Oils. Since you will need 50 Cheese Sauces to make the final product (25 times 2 sauces each), that means you will need 100 Truffle Oils to complete this task (50 sauces times 2 oils each). And since you need 3 Flasks for each Truffle Oil....... well, let's just say this one is going to take a little bit of time to complete.

WARNING: Macaroni and Cheese cannot be made in advance. You can prep all the lower recipes ahead of time, however.

See below for the requirements.


The Storage Shack Expansion
The Storage Shack Expansion
Craft 25 Macaroni and Cheese
Collect 20 Storage Locks
Have 7 million Coins

Rewards: n/a


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How annoying asking for the flasks :(

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