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Light-bulbAnimal Vaccine Boost

by Sara Miner Harakas - Feb 11, 2014 Star_s811 views

I need animal vaccine boosts. If there a collection to turn in for them? What about old missions to repeat in order to get them. I have found things that I can collect from to get the Saving Grace Boost, and am having pretty good luck getting a supply of these. But I don't know what to collect from in order to get animal vaccine. I have probably put some of these things in storage or in the warehouse because am desperate for room on the old homestead. So many new things coming out. I have about 18 dining tables out, can't get the dessert table. I think if I had some animal vaccine, I could maybe use it on the last tend and finally get one. Hopefully. Can't use them on the Christmas Past and Christmas Future ghosts. Still need those two. I've lost count of how many I have done. Is there a trick or something to use to get them on the last tend? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks to both for your replies. I am still trying. Usually it is just one that is impossible to get, but I still need Christmas past and Christmas future. I will not give him. Thank you.


yes, use the refresh method...however, you must have patience!! it took me over 40-50 tries of refreshing, to get that last holiday past! it does work, but it's not a breeze. that said, I had also gone through about 25 builds before doing the refresh method.....why some people get what they need without so much trouble and others spend months on the same thing just does not make sense...


You can get them from the gold dust market. They were rewards for regular missions but I'm not aware of any repeatable missions.  When using the vaccine on the tables ect, always use it on your first tend. You can also try the refresh method by tending your table leaving only one tend. Then quickly refresh your game after the last tend if you do not get what you need. The refesh method also works on the past and future. This is how I have managed to get most of my randoms.


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