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Light-bulbHELP!!! How to beat Pure dragons in League 3 combat?

by Olivia Jimenez - Feb 14, 2014 Star_s5,300 views

I'm at level 25 and all my dragons are level 10's. I can't get to league 4 because there is a level 50 player using pure dragons which I can not beat. I would appreciate any tips or ideas on how I can beat his pure dragons. Thank you.

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I think using plant is your best bet and fully level it up to 15 and I used an amazonian dragon but you can use any dragon with the plant element but dont just go with the plant dragon because the aisian dragon will just use sun to do a critical hit so use a two three element dragon of your choosing woth plant somewhere in the middle.


Me too this got a dragon from the races that fricken impossible


Just refresh league. Done.


I was stuck against the same player for 2 weeks. Missed out on last event because of it. I used lvl 15 soccer dragon, lvl 15 Deus Pet dragon and lvl 11 gummy dragon. Only worked when I went first.


I use the following dragons..... Level 21 Gummy - trained with Tezla ray.... Level 20 Armadillo - trained with asteroids and ninja stars Level 20 Element Dragon - trained in whirlpool. Training has to happen on a pc through facebook... takes 24 - 48 hours per element that you add. Also... if you have not been there... go to this website.... this guy deserves a metal... http://dragoncityguide.net/element-strengths-weaknesses/


Ugh, I'm In The Same Boat...Level 23 With Level 10 Dragons Going Against A Level 75 With Level15 Pure Dragons! I Can't Do The Olympus Challenge Because I Can't Move On...Help!!

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