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Question-whiteNew Quest The Swan Social

by Beth Dittmar - Feb 15, 2014 Star_s820 views

Does anyone else have this quest yet? I came over here now that I'm on 3/8 so I could get prepared for the rest, and then realized that it wasn't posted! It's rare that I get these things early so I was suprised.

Level 3 is Harvest 20 Brocolli, Feed 5 Cows, Tend 2 Rabbit Warrens.

Level 2 was Make 3 Sunflower Cookies, Harvest 24 Sunflowers and feed 6(?) Chickens.

Can't remember Level 1

Hope it helps!

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12-em-plus add reply

I dunno I havn't noticed any coins won... thought they were at the end?

I'm about to kill Cornelius though... him asking for all the heirloom stuff. I wish I knew ahead of time I'd have made banana trees heirloom when he said "prune 4 trees". Now... all my pine trees are elder. I DO have OTHER trees that are heirloom that give the SAME wood - they just arn't pine trees... but I'll bet they don't count!. *sigh*


finish quests with no rewards


Heirloom pines in groves didn't count for me


This "special" quest came up as a 7 day only quest - meaning you only have 7 days to complete this quest. The nice thing is that it offers 10x the normal coin for completing each task.


I finished the quest and won nothing...
Does anyone else remembers what was the prize? I believe that it would double something....


I have it too~ right now I'm waiting and hoping the rocking chairs show up here =)


I have this quest as well - not sure why - see below:

A Swan Social Quest ~ Expected release FEBRUARY 18, 2014

Mission 1:

Plant & Water 25 Potatoes
Feed 8 Adult Chickens
Craft 3 Potato Salad (kitchen)

Mission 2:

Collect 5 Vintage Radios
Harvest 25 Sunflowers (24 hour crop)
Craft 3 Sunflower Cookies (kitchen)

Mission 3:

Harvest 20 Broccoli
Feed 5 Adult Cows
Tend your Rabbit Warren twice

Mission 4:

Collect 5 Vintage Phonographs
PRUNE 4 trees
Raise 1 any baby animal into an adult

Mission 5:

Harvest 40 Cranberries
Feed 5 Prized Ducks
Craft 4 Cranberry Bread (kitchen)

Mission 6:

Harvest 6 Heirloom Banana Trees
Feed 10 Adult Goats
Craft 6 Heirloom Banana Cream Pies (kitchen)

Mission 7:

Collect 5 Vintage Rocking Chairs
Fertilize 30 Yerba Mates
Harvest 4 Heirloom Pine Trees

Mission 8:

Harvest 48 Blueberry
Craft 3 Carrot Bread (kitchen)
Craft 6 Heirloom Blue Guitars (workshop)

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