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Light-bulbHow do I get Gold Chains

by Sharon Macleod - Feb 15, 2014 Star_s221 views

how do I start a carnival party I need gold chains and says I can craft in pavillion - but the pavillion doesnt have the option to craft them - it also says I can get them from carnival parties.

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12-em-plus add reply

purge the trees to get 2 chains still dont know if it will be enough yet


The quest did not tell you to cleanse treasure chests; but this forum did. Thx Sharon!


where can they be crafted? The number of chains needed can't be collected from the treasure chests alone - mine only give me one per cleansing


CRACKED IT you need to cleanse the treasure chests and it gives to gold chains not sure the quest wouldnt tell you that LOL


why on earth would you be given a quest and need something that is no longer available - I need 3 gold chains and as carnival party been out of use for 2 years I have no chance of getting them!!!!!!!!!!!


The Carnival Party was released two years ago and removed shortly afterwards.


Only certain items that are crafted will make a party. Look above and to the right to find out which ones they are. Once made you will start a party. Sorry I don't know offhand which they are.

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