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Question-whiteQuestion about fuel

by Debby Greffe - Feb 17, 2014 Star_s279 views

How many fuel is the top amount you can retrieve or harvest? How many animals do you have to have in that farm across the way to get the top amount?

Does anyone know?

I have been putting in animals now for a while. I have 322 in there now and collect 45 fuel. I just want to know if putting more in will get me any more fuel or is that the top amount to collect?

Should I go back to putting them in to stalls and such on my farm or keep putting them across the street for more fuel?

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12-em-plus add reply

Finally found my own answer:
Fuel Pump Upgrade

Currently you can upgrade the pump to a maximum of 45 capacity, depending on the number of prized animals in your pasture. Once the upgrade is available you will see “Click to upgrade” message on your fuel pump, as well as green “Upgrade” button on your pasture.

Each upgrade requires different parts, including Propellers, Gear Differentials, Aluminium Metal Plates, Bolt Cutters, Hatch Doors, and so on. The upgrade requires collecting items and asking friends to help you finish the building.


It only tells me that I can get fuel is a length of time. So 45 is the highest amount of fuel then?


Hover your mouse over your Fuel Tank. It will tell you how many more animals you need before you can do another upgrade.

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