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Question-whiteGoogle Chrome Disabled the Snag Bar w/o my permission ...

by Pam Martin Crisanti - Feb 19, 2014 Star_s61 views

... and it won't allow me to enable it because Google says it is not from the Google App Store. Now what?? I play the Zynga games on Chrome because of the speed and now I can't even get items through the snag bar. Anyone else having this problem?

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Replies are not available on this topic.

Please visit the thread linked below and post your Snag Bar issue there. Before you post, however, please make sure to read the entire original post. Especially the highlighted section at the top of the post as well as the section titled “Reporting an Issue.” Without answers for all the questions there, we may not be able to help you:


Yes, it has happened to me twice today. I don't know where they get off telling us what we can add to our computer, and come in and make changes without our permission. If they are disabling tool bars, what else are they doing. I am sending them a message. If they don't stop, I will go back to IE.

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