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Question-whiteFB user reporting GU users. How can she be stopped?

by Fancy Free - Feb 23, 2014 Star_s741 views

I have an ex gaming friend that is reporting every GU user she finds. She has several fake profiles to play games, yet calls us cheaters and reports us to facbook and has her friends report us too. It has caused some of my friends to be banned. What can I do? I have reported her, but facebook is not going to listen to me.

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Who ever "she" is , she needs to get a life ffs!!. it's never ending crafting games, who cares


That whole article is full of errors. They are just as bad as the GU! haters spreading misinformation and lies.

There are several things to keep in mind here.

1) In order to do anything on Gamers Unite! other than simply browse, you MUST install the GU! App to your Facebook Profile. It doesn't matter if you are only posting messages to our forums, are only using our My Feed pages to see your game links, are only posting to one of our Add Me pages, are using one of our Link Exchange pages, are using our Snag Bar, or some combination of all of those (and other features not mentioned).

2) While your Facebook Friends CAN see that you have installed the GU! App to your Facebook Profile, they can NOT tell what GU! features you use unless you tell them or post about it to your Timeline. There are many GU! Members who do not use our Snag Bar. Likewise, there are many GU! haters who, erroneously, believe the only reason people use GU! is to use the Snag Bar.

3) Facebook is NOT banning people for using GU! or having the GU! app installed to their profile. The GU! app does not violate any Facebook terms. Furthermore, if Facebook really had an issue with Gamers Unite! they would simply delete our app. Facebook wouldn't go around banning users of a particular Facebook-based app when it is very much within their power to delete the app outright. It would be like saying Google bans people for installing an extension to Chrome from their store. If Google really had an issue with an extension, they would simply remove it from their store.


There are several ways to tell. I am copying the instructions below from ehow,com. If you can help me by reporting my trouble friend, I'm happy to help you back :) I don't know what else to do other than try to get her kicked off. She just keeps causing problems for a lot if people. Here's her link:
Navigate to the Gamers Unite website and connect via Facebook to see mutual friends who are using the Gamers Unite website. This does not make you a "fan" on Facebook, it merely lets you check in to the GU website using your Facebook login.

Log in to Facebook and go to the official Gamers Unite Fans page. You do not have to "like" the page, just navigate there. On the left side, underneath the 'Information' box, there is another box that says how many of your friends like this. All of those friends have liked the page and use the Gamers Unite features through their website.

Login to Facebook and use the Social Graph link to instantly view which friends are using the Gamers Unite application. There will be a list of all friends, along with links to their profiles if you wish to unfriend them. You also will learn which friends you have in common with each person who uses Gamers Unite.

Read more:


How can people tell if you use GU or not? I had someone unfriend me for being a GU member and I'm not sure how he knew.


She has a lot of profiles and makes them all look legit, but I think this is her main profile she started with. I reported it as fake profile, then second selection as gamer. I don't know why she's doing this, but having her main profile taken down would probably be best. Here it is if you would like to report it. I think it takes quite a few people reporting it before they do anything :( ...Thanks so much.


What is with these people??? It's just a game, not like anyone's life is at risk! The false profiles you can report to FaceBook and I believe they do take those seriously, so that may at least stop her from creating those extra profiles.

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