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Question-whiteStrange messages asking for verification??????

by Francie Gridling Enman - Feb 24, 2014 Star_s78 views

I keep getting these messages, but I don't think they are valid...first off they are in a foreign language, second I have had my account for years now. I have contacted FB but not received any replys yet. Does anyone know what this is all about?

Translated, they are saying I need to give them my sign-in and password to verify my account or I will be banned in 12 hours. I have gotten these for a few days now.

Noƭìcę Blocĸìng


ADVARSEL:! Din konto er blevet rapporteret, og er på listen blokering. Du har modtaget denne meddelelse, fordi af Facebook-brugere, der bruger falske profiler og krænker vilkårene i vores system. Klik på linket nedenfor og bekræfte din konto: Facebook [[Facebook]]

Bemærk: Kontroller din konto inden for 12 timer eller din konto deaktiveres permanent. Tak Facebook Team ™ © 2014

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12-em-plus add reply

You won't ever get a reply from Facebook when you report something. Not even an automated message. They simply get too many such messages a day for that. And if Facebook ever did need you to verify something, you would see a message at the top of your Timeline and/or from somewhere within your Profile Settings.


Thanks Alan, I suspected it wasn't legit and had reported it to FB but have never gotten a reply yet. I does say it's from FB admins, but I really doubt way I'm still on and haven't gotten banned thank goodness.


It's a scam. If you get the message from someone you don't know, then you need to report the message as a scam and report he profile. If you get it from someone who you are Facebook Friends with, then it means their account has been compromised. You need to report the message as such.

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