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Light-bulb7-Day Quest: Parading Around (8 missions)

by Alan Attebery - Mar 11, 2014 Star_s6,652 views

The Parading Aroundis the latest 7-day quest for FarmVille 2 players to complete. It is expected to be released on Thursday, March 13. I have listed the expected requirements and rewards for this quest below. As always, requirements are subject to change at any time prior to release.

NOTE: I can NOT stand these 7-day quests and do not actively work them. As such, I will not be posting images to go with the information below, nor will I know if anything has changed once the quest is released. If anything is incorrect or changes after the quest is released, please leave a comment below so others can read it and know about it.

A placeholder for any items you will post to your Timeline has been dropped into the Snag Bar, which I will update with the actual information needed to work once the items have been reported as snaggable (


Mission 1: Celebrating Crop Diversity

Have a Toolshed on your farm
Receive 5 Pruning Shears
Craft 3 Produce Totes

Rewards: 100 XP & 90 Coins


Mission 2: March to a New Beat

Collect 5 Band Hats
Prune 4 Trees
Fertilize 3 Heirloom Trees

Rewards: 145 XP & 125 Coins


Mission 3: The Music Man

Harvest 3 Heirloom Apricot Trees
Craft 3 Heirloom Apricot Trifles
Gather 12 Prized Tree Crops

Rewards: 190 XP & 160 Coins


Mission 4: A River Runs Through It

Collect 5 Batons
PLant 18 Watercress
Fertilize 24 Water Crops

Rewards: 235 XP & 195 Coins


Mission 5: Marching Along

Dry 24 Crops
Craft 2 Watercress Soups
Feed 5 Adult Horses

Rewards: 280 XP & 230 Coins


Mission 6: Everybody Loves a Parade!

Harvest 24 Water Crops
Harvest 9 Heirloom Trees
Tend 10 Trees

Rewards: 325 XP & 265 Coins


Mission 7: Celebrating Crop Diversity

Collect 5 Brass Bugles
Make 2 Watercress Orange Salads
Tend Mud Wallow 4 times

Rewards: 370 XP & 300 Coins


Mission 8: Last Band Standing

Craft 5 Commemorative Plates
Fertilize 4 Elder Trees
Use 4 Pruning Shears

Rewards: 415 XP & 335 Coins


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Mission 6 is harvest 9 heirloom APRICOT trees. Not just any heirloom tree.
Also - tend 10 NEIGHBOUR trees.
Elder trees don't seem to count.


MIssion 3: #3 Gather 12 Prized Tree Crops is insane. I have watered and fertilized over 100 trees on my farm multiple times and got ONE prized crop. Zynga needs to bump up the drop rate on these or lower the requirement for the quest. At this rate it will take me 6 months to complete the darned thing.


@Lorie Butler Bilodeau - Just because the game asks if you want to sell or store your Elder trees doesn't mean you have to do either. Just click the "x" on the pop-up screen to cancel the option. Also, you can always go ahead and click the "Store" button then go into your Inventory to pull the Elder Tree out and place it back on your farm.


it always asks me if i want to sell or remove my elder trees? so how can i fertalize them? i am on 8 and can't seem to finish it?


@Andra Prentice Kacira - It appears that these Walter quests are the newest Level-Based quests, which means they are not timed. They will stay on your farm for however long it takes you to complete them.


FYI - Mine was not a timed quest.


how did I not get this Quest... I got the Horse parade one but not this ... Reason???


In quest no 6 (tend 10 neighbour trees) you have to harvest READY trees on your neighbours' farms.
(At least that's what finally worked for me.)


The easiest way to get prized crops is to go to a neighbours farm and click on their heirloom trees - you will get 4 prized crops every time. Marie's farm has heirloom trees. If you figure out which "neighbours" have trees it helps. If I fertilize my trees and have a grove of the same tree I get 1 or 2 prized crops every time I harvest.


I'm still getting prized crops from my trees, however I'm getting almost no prized crops in my garden. Several whole gardens, all fertilized, and NO prized crops. Then I will get one here or there, then none again. I notice it helps if I rotate my crops, plant different ones, but there is NO way I would get enough points this week for my next medal if it weren't for my trees and neighbor visits. .


\same here 3 days and still on;y 6 prized crops 1 day i didn't get anu and I watered and fertilized about 100 trrees


Actually, come to think of it, a few days ago I was getting prized crops from my trees without fertilizing them. There must be a glitch that they are working on. So perhaps they have turned off the prized crops for the trees temporarily while they work on it. Or maybe this is payback for all the "free" prized crops I received previously. Too bad I didn't get these "free" prized crops when this mission was on!


I cannot tell you how much water and fertilizer I have wasted trying to get the 12 prized tree crops in mission 3 of this quest. I never had any trouble before this mission came up. I have been sitting at 2/12 for two days now. I have tried groves and individual trees, heirloom and regular trees. Nothing seems to work. Is anyone else having this trouble?


@Ika Algad - I don't have this quest either, but it may be because I never did Walter's other quest, "We're Plum Crazy." This quest is an extension of that other one, so I'm guessing that you have to finish "We're Plum Crazy" first.


I don't have this quest , where can I find it?


Take them out of the grove


I have the apricot issue as well, but what is more annoying than these glitches is the actual tasks themselves. Trees and water crops? Who the heck even messes with those? IMO this is the reason these glitches are here. I don't even look at my trees and water crops. They just sit there in the background doing nothing. The trees cost too much water so I never touch them.


Heirloom apricot trees wont work for me neither


It did the same to me but counted tending of my own trees towards task.... How ever the apricot trees task will not work....


Tending to trees on neighboring farms is not counting correctly either. I tended to 36 trees and only 8 counted towards the quest.

These glitches in all the recent quests is getting be to extremely annoying.

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