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Light-bulbLEVEL 117 Atlantis Adventure ((Please help))

by Angela Marshall - Mar 13, 2014 Star_s1,247 views

The answers I have seen on this forum aren't the same as MY level 117 in the USA. Mine is totally different than the video that says it's the answer for level 117!!! I have been stuck forever! Need help please! I can show you a screenshot of mine if you can help. Thanks!

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12-em-plus add reply

Level 117 Another player posted this, and it works. You do not need to have a God's Hand to win Level 117. SOLVE LEVEL 117: Move Gold on right down (switch with green) to make 3 Gold. Switch top Green and Purple on top to make 3 of each. Move middle Gold up (switch with Red) to make 3 Gold. Combine Ringed Blue with Fire Red by clicking on the Ringed Blue gem first, then the Fire Red. (If you combine them the other way you will be left with 2 gems on the sides.) The rest should explode.

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