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Light-bulbTring to finish the Glide o Saurus, but it freezes.

by Russ Coasterville - Mar 31, 2014 Star_s140 views

I am at the last stage of the Glide o Saurus, and I have completed everything required to finish it, but when I click on it now, it freezes the game. I know others are having this problem, is there a fix?

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12-em-plus add reply

the fix it button it only for informing zynga it doesn't actually fix anything.


They will give a stuff when all the people leave their games.The games have more bugs now than ever and they are never fixed,should be a market slide soon.But wait we just come out with another stuffed game and head off to the pokie world and mobile apps and stuff that up too!.


I clicked on the fix it link many times now and it still freezes


Been having this prob for a while, Have posted in bugs, don't guess Zyanga cares enough to fix it.....

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