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Light-bulbTimed Quest: Mother's Day Memories (8 missions + Butterfly Feeder)

by Alan Attebery - Apr 22, 2014 Star_s4,917 views


Barbara is sharing memories of her mother with us this week, specifically of how Barbara would celebrate her mother on Mother's Day. Which is why this week's quest is called Mother's Day Memories. Catchy, no?

But wait, there's more! In FarmVille 2's continuing desire to remind us that Spring is in the air, we will be dealing with Butterflies this week. Which means we need to get a Butterfly Feeder built so we will have a plact to collect them.

There are 8 missions in the Mother's Day Memories quest, and IT IS A TIMED one. You must be at least Level 25 to receive this quest. The expected end date is Tuesday, May 6.

See below for the requirements and rewards for the Mother's Day Memories quest. Instructions for the Butterfly Feeder can be found below as well.



NOTE: Although the Mother's Day Memories quest is expected to end on May 6, the associated Butterfly Feeder is not expected to end until May 13.



Butterfly Feeder - Place
Butterfly Feeder - Place

Rewards: n/a


Butterfly Feeder - Materials
Butterfly Feeder - Materials
10 Butterfly Bedding
10 Butterfly Posts
10 Butterfly Paper

Rewards: n/a


Butterfly Feeder - Builders
Butterfly Feeder - Builders

Rewards: n/a


Butterfly Feeder - Prizes
Butterfly Feeder - Prizes

NOTE: You collect Butterflies by planting flowers in your Fields.

Rewards: 5 Pinwheels, 5 Elaborate Pinwheels, 2 Butterfly Planters, 2 Elaborate Butterfly Planters, Anise Crop Packet (14 Days)



Mother's Day Memories: 1 of 8 - A Beautiful Morning
A Beautiful Morningl
Place Butterfly Feeder on farm
Water 10 Onions
Harvest Water Tower on Marie's Farm

Rewards: 1 Favor & 30 XP & 300 Coins


Mother's Day Memories: 2 of 8 - A Simple Gift
A Simple Gift
Collect 5 Butterfly Books
Feed 2 Adult Horses
Make 2 White Pom Pom Mums Necklaces

Rewards: 1 Favor & 35 XP & 350 Coins


Mother's Day Memories: 3 of 8 - A Selfless Gesture
A Selfless Gesture
Use 3 Farm Hands
Perform 10 Neighbor Actions
Make 2 Pink Pig Toys

Rewards: 1 Favor & 40 XP & 400 Coins


Mother's Day Memories: 4 of 8 - A Little Housekeeping
A Little Housekeeping
Collect 5 Butterfly Nectar Jars
Harvest 15 Stawberries
Make 2 Strawberry Scented Bags

Rewards: 1 Favor & 45 XP & 450 Coins


Mother's Day Memories: 5 of 8 - A Little Schooling
A Little Schooling
Tend Horse Stable 2 times
Feed 3 Adult Cows
Make 2 Heirloom Mother's Day Gifts

Rewards: 1 Favor & 50 XP & 550 Coins


Mother's Day Memories: 6 of 8 - A Little Running Around
A Little Running Around
Feed 4 Adult Chickens
Harvest 4 Olive Trees
Make 2 Heirloom Plain Soaps

Rewards: 1 Favor & 70 XP & 650 Coins


Mother's Day Memories: 7 of 8 - A Little Home Decor
A Little Home Decor
Collect 5 Butterfly Nets
Harvest 10 Sunflowers
Make 2 White Pom Pom Mums Bouquets

Rewards: 2 Favors & 90 XP & 900 Coins


Mother's Day Memories: 8 of 8 - A Little Blue
A Little Blue
Tend Rabbit Warren 2 times
Speed Feed 2 Adult Rabbits
Make 2 Blue Handkerchiefs

Rewards: 2 Favors & 120 XP & 1100 Coins

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12-em-plus add reply

For anyone saying they don't have this quest yet, please note that you MUST be at least Level 25 in order to receive it. This is because the quest requires access to Big Harvest features that are not available to players until they reach that level.

If you are over Level 25 and don't have this quest, then all you can do is contact Zynga Support and ask them why that is. There is nothing Gamers Unite! can do about it.


I am level 96 and I do not have this quest. My guess is that it is fatally flawed and Zynga halted its release. This game is going from bad to very many problems.


Are we able to repeat the flower counter and earn another 2 weeks of the anise packet? Mine won't refresh after I have completed it all once. Usually they let us do it as many times as we can. I like that because it extends the time on the crop packet.


I get really frustrated because I spend money on this game for my neices and nephews to play and I have not been able to up grade my groves or do the butterfly thing. I am level 35.. A lot of bugs in this game and I am ready to just stop playing it all together. A shame when I have paid so much to be able to let the kids play it and many quests just have disappeared and or even if we completed them just are not there.


got this quest ..but have never been able to collect from marie's water tower , even though they claim the issue has been fixed :/


This sucks, I have this quest and im only level 16 and have had it since level 13..... :( I just noticed I will fail this because I have 4 hours left and I don't have a horse stable built or a rabbit warren built yet...... halp?


Never got this quest. What a bummer. Oh and I'm well over Level 25.


I got the anise, but I think the heirloom anise apple pie is wrong. It doesn't use anise and it will not make it. Is either the 2 or the 6 heirloom pie requirement supposed to be the anise?


My counter is stuck on 108. I have tried everything, including planting and harvesting about a thousand flowers to no avail. Please help!


Were they planted in fields Ingrid? The counter does not include single plot harvests. Not sure if it counts double for fertilized fields though.


What flowers count towards this feeder? It seems like it has a mind of it's own on counting which flowers it appoves. I try to plant 4 types of flowers with different harvest times (black pansy, white mums, red roses, lavenders). Today I had 157/170 in the morning, I harvested 24 black pansies, and 30 red roses, I should have gotten the 3rd reward. When I check it's still in 157/170! Any suggestions?


I have no updated Market either, I am almost level 66. I wrote them and asked why I haven't gotten it being a multi times a day player. My husband who just logs on to send me stuff has all the new features at level 29 and had the new market almost a month now. I wrote a nice message and they told me sorry, too bad it has not been released to all yet, have some extra water and fertilizer. Not a happy player!!!!


Don't know why but I got this quest when I was not even level 14. To be honest, this is quite hard for me because I don't even have the horse stable yet lol (and the rabbit warren).


I won the anise packet but I cannot win anything else as the flower count does not go back to zero to start again. I harvested flowers in my fields and nothing. Does anyone else have this problem or is it a one shot deal?


I also haven't gotten Big Harvest. How can I get it?


I'm level 83 & still no quest. But I did just get Derby Day.


I have the quest. So far so good until I got to the one asking for help from farm hands. I have several hay bales that no longer have plus signs on top but there are no farm hands visible. Tried to click on them but nothing happens. Anyone else having this problem?


it's only count when you plant on field, not plot ...whew


none of my flowers are counting for the butterfly quest. I've planted 60 flowers between red roses, pansies and the white pompom mums nothings shown as planted:(

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