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Question-whiteWindmill?? Water Tower?? Fields?? Where are the grove options? I'm confused...

by Annie Robertson LeBlanc - Apr 28, 2014 Star_s476 views

I was not playing for a few months and I come back and I'm lost. I have no idea how to get a field or build one. I can't build anymore groves. I have no idea how to get the windmill or water tower? Can someone enlighten me? Thanks!

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12-em-plus add reply

Can anyone help me with pig planks are they the same as the wood planks have not seen anything in weeks also grass clipping, yellow paint, pig chimes. I updated ad/flash and shockwave like it told me now it will say one or the other mostly shockwave has stoped working then it will freez then say crashed. This go's on maybe anywhere from when I start game to just cant play to every 6,8,20,30 things I do. I use google chrome and bar. If anyone can help or send me in right direction. THank-You


Usually I use Chrome but I opened in Firefox and I still don't have the upgrade area. I went to Zynga's site and saw what it's supposed to look like but mine doesn't... ANyone else have this problem??


Tabitha- I don't have that button! I looked at "Upgrades" but mine didn't upgrade? Is it because I use a Mac?


this is all part of a new thing fv2 added, on your farm down where u see the buttons for storage, and shop there should be another button this one in blue u click that and it will show he things u can upgrade

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