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Question-whiteHow do you make barbecue sauce

by Tracy Wilson - May 05, 2014 Star_s288 views

I am almost finished the latest quest and I just need to make barbecue sauce. It says to make it in the kitchen but cannot find it. I cannot even click on the make it link....

Has anyone else had this problem?



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12-em-plus add reply

@BettyAnn Botha - There's no reason the two items should be connected, but this is Zynga we're talking about. Their glitches have glitches. So it wouldn't surprise me at all.


@Alan Attebery I stand to be corrected but I have seen posts around complaining that barbeque sauce is only available once you have Big Harvest?


Barbeque Sauce is currently on page 39 of the Kitchen. If you don't have it, then you have two options.

The first option is to clear both your browser's cache and your Flash Player cache. This will force the farm to fully reload the next time you go into it, which may result in you getting the missing recipe.

Your second option is to contact Zynga Support.

Good luck.

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