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Question-whiteQuests not showing up?

by Jennifer Smith - May 06, 2014 Star_s839 views

For the last two days now quests are showing on the left side of the screen. Anyone know why??

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12-em-plus add reply

Maybe it's a Jennifer thing, as my quests don't show up either. Seriously, I don't know why, but it makes it very frustrating. When I get a new quest or complete a step, they show up briefly, but the next time I load, they are gone again. (BettyAnn, I think she meant not instead of now.... either that, or I am clueless... or both :) (Alan, I will try contacting Zynga as well as clearing the cache - but I hope I don't have to clear it every time! lol) thanks y'all!


You would have to ask Zynga Support why your quests aren't showing up. Short of that, you can try cleaning both your browser cache and your Flash Player cache. Doing so will force the game to fully reload the next time, which might fix whatever is causing the quests not to display.


my quests have always shown on the left side of the screen?

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