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Light-bulbCountry Fair Games

by Tonya Collins - May 09, 2014 Star_s2,290 views

Min and Maria are running around the Fair, checking out all of the games and trying to get their hands on the prizes! With out help, they will get an abundane of Prize tickets and we will see new goodies and new ways to geet Horseshoes and Gold Dust!

We will see a series of REPEATABLE missions with a couple of wrapprs and a Monday Mission as well as a new placeable, the Fair Entrance. The Entrance will contain the map of different missions and allow us to restart them. Later on we will also see Extra Credit missions that will help us in completing the Wrapper at a faster pace.

With this series comes 4 new fair games. Each game will have a playing (fishing) mechanic and will drop a variety of items including new sellable items that can be sold for coins, xp, gold dust, and horseshoes!

We will have a new free gift crop, the Deep Fry Wok, and a fair crate which can drop a second crate that contains 1 of 4 fair animals. (These are not required)! 


-New Free Gift Crop: Deep Fry Wok

-New collection

-New Badge




1. Country Fair Befuddled

-Collect the Daily Bonus of the Fair Entrance

-Play Whack-A-Varmint Twice

-Collect 12 Canned Goods

 Rewards:  Easy Whack-A-Varmint, 2 Recycle Bins, 10 Fair Prize Points 

Notes: The Fair Entrance is a decoration. Whack-A-Varmints are in the market. Canned Goods is a Wall Post.

Whack-A-Varmints are played with a Whack-A-Mallet which is crafted from 2 Fair Game Tickets (Deep Fry Woks/Lettuce) 


2. Smack Attacker

-Sell 3 Stuffed Moles

-Collect 25 Cow Pies

-Craft 6 Cow Pie Catchers

 Rewards: Deep Fryer Wok, 2 Corn Dog Crops, 10 Fair Prize Points 

Notes: Stuffed Moles come from playing Whack-A-Varmint Games. Cow Pies drop from Adult Standard Cows. 

Each Catcher requires 3 Deep Feed Bags (Recycle Bins) and 3 Rubber Straps (Wall Post)

Whack-A-Varmints are played with a Whack-A-Mallet which is crafted from 2 Fair Game Tickets (Deep Fry Woks/Lettuce) and 2 Leather Mallet (Wall Post).


3. Precious Bottles 

-Sell 3 Silver Bottles

-Get 12 Porcelain Glue

-Harvest 40 Corn Dog Crops

 Rewards: Easy Bottle Toss, 2 Fry Crops, 30 Fair Prize Points 

Notes: Silver Bottles drop from playing the Bottle Toss game. Porcelain Glue is a Wall Post. Corn Dog Crops are in the Market.

Each Bottle Toss is played with a Lumpy Baseball which is crafted from 3 Fair Game Tickets (Deep Fry Woks/Lettuce) and 3 Homemade Baseballs (Wall Post). It's a fishing mechanic.


4. Missile Arm Maria

-Harvest 15 Marshmallow Crops

-Harvest 30 Cotton Candy Crops

-Craft 6 French Fried Cake

 Rewards: 2 Crop Ready Boosts, 2 Iron Forge, 40 Fair Prize Points. 

Notes: Marshmallow Crops are a Free Gift. Cotton Candy Crops are in the Market. French Fried Cakes are Crafted.

Each Cake requires 8 Sliced Potatoes (Fry Crops), 8 Cake Batter (Wall Post) and 6 Gallons of Oil (Direct Request)


5. Underhand Issue

-Sell 3 Pair of Jacks

-Collect 15 Protractors

-Harvest 36 Candy Flowers

 Rewards: Easy Milk Can Toss, 2 Steel Forges, 50 Fair Prize Points


Notes: Pair of Jacks drop from Milk Can Toss Games. Protractors are Direct Requested. Candy Flowers are in the market.

Each Milk Can Toss is played with Swift Softballs which are crafted from 3 Fair Game Tickets (Deep Fry Woks/Lettuce) and 3 Frontier Softballs (Wall Post). It's fishing mechanic.


6. A Matter of Maths

-Harvest 40 Summer Squash

-Harvest 20 Candy Corn

-Craft 8 Practice Tossers

 Rewards: 2 Deep Fryer Woks, Fast Hands Boost, 60 Fair Prize Points 

Notes: Summer Squash is a coin crop. Candy Corn is a Free Gift Crop. Practice Tossers are crafted.

Each Tosser requires 6 Tin Rings (Tin Forges), 6 Practice Stands (Wall Post) and 5 Practice Balls (Direct Request)


7. Hammered Confusion 

-Sell 4 Jack Plushies

-Collect 25 Hammer Packs

-Harvest 50 Chamomile

 Rewards: Easy High Striker, 2 Reeds, 70 Fair Points 

Notes: Jack Plushies come from playing High Striker Games. Hammer Packs are a Direct Request. Chamomile is in the Market.

Each High Striker is played with Strongman Hammers which are crafted with 3 fair Game Tickets (Deep Fry Woks/Lettuce) and 3 25lb Sledgehammers (Wall Post). It's a fishing mechanic.


8. Mind Over Matter

-Collect 15 Hand Chalk

-Tend 25 Oxen

-Craft 8 Fixed Hammers

 Rewards: Escargot Boost, Fair Animal Crate, 80 Fair Prize Points 

Notes: Hand Chalk is a Direct Request. Tending Cultured Oxen will count as 4. Fixed Hammers are Crafted.

Each Hammer requires 6 Hollow Sticks (Reeds), 9 Hollow Hammerheads (Wall Post) and 6 Counterweights (Direct Request)


Wrapper: Country Fair Games I

-Complete Mission 2 Twice

-Complete Mission 4 Three Times

-Collect 6'000 Fair Points

 Rewards: Varmint Blocker Boost, Animal Magnetism, Eco-Jacking 

Notes: Missions are started from the Fair Entrance. Fair Points come from completing missions, playing Fair Games and opening Fair Crates.


Wrapper: Country Fair Games II 

-Complete Mission 6 Three Times

-Complete Mission 7 Four Times

-Complete 12 Best Fair Games

 Rewards: Animal Hospital Upgrade, Espresso Boost, Crop Whisperer 

Notes: Missions are started from the Fair Entrance. Best Fair Games are a daily Extra Credit Mission completed for more rewards.


Monday Wrapper: Seeing Fireworks

-Complete the Country Fair Games Collection 6 Times

-Collect 40 Caramel Corns

-Craft 12 Fair Fireworks

 Rewards: Fireworks Platform, Shearing for Shave Tails, How to Jack Lumber 

Notes: The Country Fair Games Collection drops from all thread items. Caramel Corns drop from Popcorn Kettles. Fireworks are crafted.

Each Firework requires 6 Iron Beams (Iron Forges), 9 Fire Retardent (Wall Post) and 8 Boom Berries (Direct Request)






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