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Light-bulbJust a friendly reminder =)

by Shelby Goatz - Jun 07, 2010 Star_s154 views

Ok, I know that a lot of us that are on this site a lot and try to help people out with their questions and whatnot are getting a little... tired of repeated posts about Zynga banning, about why things aren't going to the giftbox (fuel, coins, etc) and all the other posts that have been asked a bazillion jillion times in just as many ways. We need to sit back, breathe, and relax. Yes, people need to start trying the search function before they post "OMG I'M GOING TO BE BANNED AND SO ARE YOU!!!!" But we also need to realize that some of these people may be way younger or a little older or may be new to using forums of any kind, so don't know forum etiquette or techniques.

Sarcastic replies can be taken as factual replies, if they don't know your sense of humor, or don't realize that you've posted for the bazillion jillionth time that coins don't go to the giftbox, that they're automatically added to your coins. People can't see your emotions online, so may get offended by the pissy tone/attitude that they feel that they are getting, when they may be genuinely concerned about something.

Maybe the next time we feel like we want to reach through our computer screens and slap the stupid out of somebody - we need to remember that at one time we were ALL noobs, and go grab another cup of coffee, or head to the closest liquor cabinet and grab the vodka for a few shots. =)

Thanks for reading....

And maybe even understanding!

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12-em-plus add reply

I somehow missed this post, thanks for writing this Shelby. There are certainly two types of people on the forum, the pros and the newbies. We don't want to scare the newbies away but want to make it a fun place for pros too. :)


I just have to add that to my page..hope you dont mind :) great !


Bumping for Ed to read, lol... Maybe I need to add something about name calling? Lurve you, ED!


Thank you for posting this, I was getting upset by some of the unhelpful posts I was seeing.


Thanks Bebe.... I was reading a post and some of the replies. I was seeing a lot of frustration and tension building. I love this site and would hate to see things crumble because of in fighting!


That's a good perspective, Shelby!

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