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Light-bulbAnimal Care: 4 of 8 - Foul Play

by Missy Mossey Bun - May 09, 2014 Star_s96 views

I have no red eggs or anyway of getting chickens that lay red eggs,anyway of completing this task ?.

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12-em-plus add reply

I needed red eggs to do that task but luckily now got a chicken that lays them,thankyou both.


You will never get the blue egg from the link exchange. the best way to get the blue egg is fence off an area. Put your hen house in there with about 15 gold cochin chickens - these are the best because you get good fertilizer. If you dont have these yet then just use the white or red chickens. You will get the light eggs and brown eggs most often and you will also get these from the link exchange.

But FYI - the red eggs are not particularly good for anything anyway - the recipes are not fantastic so you really don't need them all that much. I have thousands and thousands sitting in my inventory....


It may be a long shot, but harvest your Hen House and keep clicking on "exotic egg" here in the Link Exchange. You might be able to snag a Polish Chicken in time to get some eggs.

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