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Light-bulbIf you add me,i will show you the easy tricks how to get cash and golds

by Kurt Sid Estrebillo - May 11, 2014 Star_s912 views

first add me please,if you add mei will teach you lots of technique that is unique!

second copy this link then when you open it find the title social empires cash & golds,then you need to find your facebook id,to find it scroll down while you are playing social empire.there you will se the facebook id,next find your user_key,to find it put your cursor on the word get cash (on the top of the game) then right click on the mouse.choose the word inspect element.then when you open it click on the top of it- resources then press Ctrl + O then click this (example only) socialpoint/facebooksidebarsocialempires.then press it and Ctrl + F to find,search on the find -flashUserKey press Enter.then it will show up like this!(example only) FlashUserKey:04067812 (that is only an example,then it's time to type your facebook id and user_key on this place:Social Empires Cash & Gold EXAMPLE!





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then click submit!wait for a few second and reload your game social empire then it will be transferred into your account!


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