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Light-bulbTip: Think very carefully about Big Harvest Field and Grove Upgrades

by BettyAnn Botha - May 13, 2014 Star_s2,330 views

I have been thinking about this and have decided I am not going to upgrade any more fields or groves. This is why:

1. What do you get from upgrading groves and fields? Bonus crops. What is the point of bonus crops? To get coins at the County Fair.

2. Calculate the VALUE in coins of the stuff you have had to trade in order to get the upgrades. Now check that against the additional County Fair points earned and therefore the additional coins earned at County Fair.

You are FAR better off selling your produce for coins – all you are now doing is basically trading your produce for County Fair points and converting those points into LESS than you would get for selling your produce in the first instance.

PLUS when they release more land you will have no money, no inventory, no NOTHING to get the new land.

So, get the windmill, get the water tower and maybe get the barn – that one is still an open question – not sure of the value at all there. And then STOP with the Big Harvest. All it is designed to do is slow you down in the game.

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Also keep in mind your particular Zynga sub group may gain or lose advantages over other sub groups. This has been more evident of late with the puppy sales where one group was charged $100 and another sub group was asked $125.
With the fields and groves I've always been somewhat dubious of the rewards system and I only run level 4 & 5 fields; with the groves more widespread (from level 1 to 5). There does not seem to be any true consistency in yields; other than when fertilising. Yes there are percentages but my thoughts they have applied a random-number generator to their coding (similar to what they deploy in online gambling institutions).
Keep in mind this is a money-based venture for Zynga and even I dread to imagine how much money they make daily from this one game!


I don't think it matters whether you level up a field or orchard. You get the coins, some more than others, but in my experience once you get up to 27,000,000 coins it doesn't go up any more. It goes down when I buy, and then will go up when I sell stuff, but caps out at the 27 million. I play the game for the fun, and I enjoy helping my neighbors.
I also haven't and won't expand my farm any larger. I realized the last 3 expansions caused my game to run slower and slower and the little avatars stagger around like they are drunk before they get anywhere to do a job. Is this all my game or is anyone else having these issues? I am level 87.


The math is simple

The field gives you the 5 + (x) crops, where x is the level of the field. If you use fertilizer you get:
(5 x 2) + (x).
Which means that if you have a level 2 field, by spending 5 water, you should get on every non fertilized crop 7 crops per harvest and on a fertilized one 12.
Prized crop % is the same as with single crops
But I certainly agree that you MUST leave some plots out of fields. Not only because of neighbors, but for better water usage and crop management.


"five fertilized plots gave me 10 crops and 2 bonus
Level 1 fertilized field gave me 9 crop and 1 bonus
Level 5 fertilized field gave me 15 crop and 1 bonus"

By bonus you mean prized crop? The field gives you bonus crops (9 wheat instead of 5 for example). It does not guarantee you prized crops


Another thing to remember is the number of visits a neighbor has. I have 10 visits. I click windmill and water tower. That means I can only do one field and then I need three plots or trees or animals to click. I get a bit frustrated if I have to wander all around a farm looking for something to click. So my suggestion is maybe always leave a few plots "loose" for the farm visitor.


Betty I was thinking the same as you. It seems the fields are not as good at you think they are going to be but I like the way they save you space and they are quick to fertilise etc so I'm glad I've got a few but I'm busting a gut converting all my plots. It like anything I suppose, it depends how you play the game.


I just checked
five fertilized plots gave me 10 crops and 2 bonus
Level 1 fertilized field gave me 9 crop and 1 bonus
Level 5 fertilized field gave me 15 crop and 1 bonus


you get the bonuscrops without fertilizer it's on 5 fields 5 crops, on level one 6 crops and on level two 7 crops
with fertilizer its more because on lvl two i have sometimes 11 sometimes 12 crops


Please correct me if I am wrong, but I really can't understand where is the dilemma.

When we complete an order, apart from favors we get some coins, right?
I have calculated that the coins each order rewards us is the sum of coins we'd get if we sold the order items in the market separately. So we don't lose these products from our inventory (like the stupid gift table events), we sell them.
Now, instead of selling those items and get only coins, we additionally get some favors with which we can buy groves & big harvest fields, which on their turn give us bigger harvests.
If you harvest a level 4 field you get 5 plus 4 crops (9 crops from 5 water!) and maybe if you fertilize the field, one or more prize crops. This way your progress on County Fair stays unchanged (to what we knew before favors) and you get more crops per water unit (double, if you have level 5 fields).
Additional crops → more products to create in your kitchen & easier order completion → more coins (if that was your goal on the first place)
So is there something I didn't get right here?


Like in a legal examination at university, the correct answer is "it depends". First of all the Big Harvest is great fun when u try to exceed the number of orders and try to get 25 orders right. This is difficult and challenging with a slight portion of mad, obviously. Generally u really want to achieve the 15 orders to obtain the very valueable 100 favors.

As Dirk points out, this will be a great investment. People who do not regularly collect favors might fall behind, when balance changes come and zynga might make certain stuff u obtain for trading in favors way more attractive.


@Dirk Beheydt Interesting. I play a bit of a different game because I am on level 100 and waiting now for more land. But we all know that Zynga plays fast and loose with their marketing promises. Has anyone actually checked to see if you do get more crops from a field than from five plots? I know from my experience that I am not getting the bonus crops I was promised from fields - it is pretty hit and miss in that department.


you're right and wrong
the upgraded fields are giving you more in the long run as soon if you have the crops you used back


@'Michael Pittman I am simply giving people an alternative scenario to think about. Excuse me for trying to help people....


stop being a Debbie Downer, M'Kay?


I no longer use plots. the fields yield higher profits and faster mastery.

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