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Question-whitehelp --windmill/water tower upgrade

by Avenging Vamp-Angel - May 16, 2014 Star_s283 views


i did the upgrade and now im so regret

can anyone tell me if there is a way to have my wells back ?

thnx in advance

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12-em-plus add reply

thank you people for ur reply


There are indeed many slight disadvantages to the concept as it is as usual not properly thought through - however it is still absolutely not adviseable not to do the transition to windmill and water tower.


The benefits you get from the water tower are MUCH better than any benefit you get from a quest. You will see. And the last quest did not ask me to click wells. It asked me to harvest water - which I did from my water tower.


no i didnt like it
now it is like one well
so if you must click wells like 4 times or more in some quests
you must wait hours and hours


what is there to regret? You are much better off with the water tower. Put it in the centre of your farm where all your neighbors can see it and click on it. You will have tons of water.

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