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Question-whitewhere do white foals and the blue ponys cum from

by Megan Bryan - Jun 07, 2010 Star_s235 views

i saw them on a friends farm and all she told me was that she got it off hher home page i dont no where to get them or evan if i can. Can somebody plz help me thanks

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12-em-plus add reply

I been trying to figure this out as well my daughter keeps getting them and I do not LOL wish i knew what she did LOL plz advise folks. TY


You cannot get foals to keep from your own stable. You need to get them from your friends, either from the home page or if they can send you the link. You can receive adult cream clydesdales, blue ponies and black appaloosas from your nursery, but when you get them you will have 5 foals available to give to your friends. These adult horses can be placed in your stable to produce foals.

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