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Light-bulbMin's Express - Import and Export

by Tonya Collins - May 23, 2014 Star_s2,499 views

Min has decided to use stage coaches to start a new import/export business on the homestead. The problem is someone is trying to cause problems and the stagecoaches are comming up missing or vandalized! If we work  together we can help Min save his business and find out who the criminals are. 

We will see 5 Missions, a Wrapper as well as a Monday Wrapper and 4 stage building, Min's Express.  We will use Min's Express to purchase Stagecoach Clues which will become one of 3 different destroyed stagecoaches. Each Staage Coach is healed and can drop some some new crates as well as one of 3 animals that will be needed for the wrapper.

The crates not only contain valuable items such as free gift crops and boosts, but are craftable and can also be sent to neighbors.


-New Free Gift Crop: Lotus

-New Collection: The stagecoach Collection

-New Boost: Extra Evidence boost, gives 2 feeds to an injured animal

-New Healable: Stage Coach 





1. Vertical Integration

-Tend 20 Chickens

-Clear 8 Rocks

-Place Min's Business

Rewards: Lotus, Crop Ready Boost, Horsetail


2.Missing Stagecoach

-Tend 25 Ducks

-Investigate 3 Stagecoach Clues

-Upgrade Min's Business

Rewards:Extra Evidence Boost, Red, White and Blueberries, Escargot Boost 

Notes: Search for Clues from Min's Business and heal them with 3 Inspector Gadgets.

Each Gadget requires 2 Magni-Lenses (Lotus) and 3 Thinking Pipes (Wall Post)


3.Surely Sabotage

-Tend 40 Cows

-Investigate 2 Burned Stagecoaches

-Upgrade Min's Business

Rewards: Devil's Claw, Recycle Bin, Red Eye Boost 

Notes: Burned Stagecoaches come from Stagecoach Clues and are healed with 4 Inspector Gadgets.


4. Informer Situation

-Collect 60 Employee Evidence

-Craft and Send 9 Apology Boxes

-Upgrade Min's Business

Rewards: Steel Forge, Compost Pile, Crop Mumbler 

Notes: Employee Evidence drops from Carrots. Apology Boxes are crafted.

Each Apology Box requires 4 Recovered Goods (Spirit Flames), 6 Vouchers (Wall Post) and 4 Delivery Certificates

(Direct Request)


5. Golden Ruled

-Investigate 3 Shot Up Stagecoaches

-Craft and send 10 Warning Boxes

-Finish Min's Business

Rewards: Espresso Boost, Squeezing the Stone, Crossroads

Notes: Shot Up Stagecoaches come from searching in Min's Business and are healed with 4 Inspector Gadgets. Warning Boxes are crafted.

Each Box requires 8 Perpetrator Clues (Oak Trees), 6 Suspect Sketches (Wall Post) and 8 Anonymous Witnesses (Direct Request)


Wrapper: Beyond A Doubt

Investigate 5 Tampered Stagecoaches

Collect all Evidence Animals

Harvest 50 Blackberries

Rewards: Varmint Blocker, Animal Vaccine, Express Crate 

Notes: Tampered Stagecoaches come from searching at Min's Business and are healed with 4 Inspector Gadgets. Animals drop from the Stagecoaches. Blackberries are a free gift.


Monday Wrapper: Min's Mission

-Craft and send 3 Crop Express Boxes

-Craft and send 4 Boost Express Boxes

-Craft and send 8 Exquisite Express Boxes

Rewards: Eco-Jacking, Animal Magnetism, Bullwhip 

Notes: All Boxes are crafted and sent to neighbours.

Each Crop Express Box requires 4 Premium Seeds (Sunflowers) and 6 Dark Soil (Wall Post)

Each Boost Express Box requires 6 Glowing Essence (Spirit Cactus), 8 Special Salve (Wall Post) and 5 Shipping and handling (Direct Request)

Each Exquisite Express Box requires 9 Packing Peanuts (Compost Piles), 12 Fancy Merch (Wall Post) and 9 Express Postage (Direct Request)





Stage One

8 Wheel Tracks - Tin Forges

9 Blood Hounds - Direct Request

10 Missing Signs - Wall Post

10 Hoof Prints - Horsetails

12 Messenger Pigeons - Direct Request

12 Road Maps - Wall Post


Stage Two

15 Crime Tape - Dandelions

16 Anonymous Tips - Wall Post

8 Fingerprint Dusters - Crafted

12 Flares - Red, White and Blueberries

12 White Gloves - Direct Request

9 Impression Kits - Crafted

Crafting: Each Duster requires 4 Dust (Potatoes) and 8 Dusters (Wall Post)

Each Kit requires 6 Evidence Molds (Sieve Stations) and 8 Putty (Direct Request)


Stage Three

18 Suspicious Notes - Pumpkins

16 Reward Signs - Wall Post

9 Eyeless Paintings - Crafted

15 Strange Bootprints - Devil Claws

18 Background Checks - Direct Request

10 Lie Detector Tests - Crafted 

Crafting: Each Painting requires 6 Fabric Scissors (Recycle Bins) and 8 Self Portraits (Direct Request)

Each Test requires 6 Restrictive Straps (Oxen), 9 Pulse Checkers (Wall Post) and 4 Embarrassing Questionnaires

(Direct Request)


Stage Four

15 Armoured Axles - Direct Request

16 Oil Traps - Wall Post

12 Defensive Turrets - Crafted

18 Bulletproof Window - Glass Roses

20 Scouting Lenses - Wall Post

12 Fireproof Roofs - Crafted 

Crafting: Each Turret requires 4 Bronze Plating (Goats), 8 Bull Barrels (Wall Post) and 6 Double Barrelled Shotguns (Direct Request)

Each Roof requires 8 Steel Rods (Steel Forges), 8 Brokedown Buggies (Direct Request) and 5 Resistant Stucco (Wall Post)


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