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Light-bulbFather's Day on the Frontier 2014

by Tonya Collins - May 30, 2014 Star_s1,535 views

Its time to celebrate all the hard working dads out on the Frontier. 

We will have 13 missions and a new decoration, the BBQ pit. The BBQ pit will give us access to the missions which are repeatable. 


-New Badges

-New Free Gift Crop: The BBQ

-New collection

-New Healables : Gramps Notebooks, Hank's Shed and  Triplet Animal   




Set I.


1. Hot Chilli

-Collect Bonus on the BBQ Pit

-Harvest 20 Chilli Peppers

-Ask for 15 Battalion Portraits

Rewards: 5 Memories of Gramps, Gardener Cow, 500XP 

Notes: Battalion Portraits are a Wall Post.


2. The Colour of Monet

-Harvest 30 Passion Flowers

-Craft 5 Brilliant Bouquets

-Tend Gardner Cows 12 Times

Rewards: 10 Memories of Gramps, Pluckin Chicken, Random Reward 

Notes: Brilliant Bouquets are crafted. 


3. Lord of the Dance

-Tend 10 Pluckin' Chickens

-Ask your friends to show you their Dance Moves 20 times

-Look through Gramps Notebook 20 Times

Rewards: 15 Memories of Gramps, Random Reward, Gramps Bouquet 

Notes: Pluckin Chickens are a mission reward. Dance Moves are a Direct Request. Gramps Notebook is searched with 10 Heavy Duty Magnifiers which are crafted. 


Wrapper: Granny and Gramps

-Harvest 150 Red Onions

-Finish all Remembering Gramps Missions

-Gather 200 Memories of Gramps

Rewards: +1 Gallery Storage, Cracked Geode, Horned Wonders Glasses 

Notes: Memories of Gramps drop from completing missions, Barbecue Crops, Gramps Notebooks and the Frontier Father's Collection.


Set II.


1. A Gift for Hank 

-Harvest 50 Orange Trees

-Craft 8 Silly Neckties

-Harvest 20 Runt Plaintain

Rewards: 5 Hank's Helpfulness, Tan Armadillo, Random Reward 

Notes: Neckties are crafted. Run Plaintain are a free gift. 

Each Necktie requires 3 Colourful Ties (Gumdrops) and 4 Goofy Designs (Wall Post)


2. Hank's Big Break

-Tend 20 Tan Armadillos

-Craft 10 Replacement Hammers

-Ask for 20 Picnic Sets

Rewards: 10 Hank's Helpfulness, 3 Barbecue Crop, Random Reward 

Notes: Tan Armadillos are a mission reward. Replacement Hammers are Crafted. Picnic Sets are a Direct Request. 

Each Hammer requires 4 Unstoppable Hammerheads (Beets) and 4 Unbreakable Handles (Wall Post)


3. Hank's Golden Hammer

-Harvest 30 Blueberries

-Ask for 20 Mt Avalanche Maps

-Fully Clean Out Hank's Shed Twice

Rewards: 15 Hank's Helpfulness, Aged Kombucha, Random Reward 

Notes: Maps are a Direct Request. Hank's Shed is Cleaned out with 10 Organizing Bins which are crafted. 

Each Bin requires 2 Coloured Bins (Lakeweed) and 3 Makeshift Shelves (Wall Post).


Wrapper: Daddy's Day 

-Harvest 80 Barbecues

-Finish all Hank's Hammer quests

-Earn 275 Hank's Helpfulness

Rewards: +1 Gallery Storage, Kiwi, Huddy Bollies unlocked 

Notes: Barbecues are a Free Gift. Hank's Helpfulness drops from completing missions, Barbecue Crops, Hank's Shed and the Frontier Father's Collection. 


Set III.


1. Like Father, Like Sons

-Ask for 16 Bank Robbing Stories

-Craft 6 Triple Decker Smores

-Tend 20 Black Eyed Peas

Rewards: 5 Triplet Stories, Jailbird, Random Reward 

Notes: Bank Robbing Stories are a Direct Request. Triple Decker Smores are crafted. Black Eyed Peas are a Free Gift. 

Each Smore requires 8 Plump Marshmallows (Marshmallows), 8 Chocolate Slabs (Wall Post) and 10 Crispy Graham Crackers (Direct Request)


2. Unsubstantiated Insinuation

-Tend 50 Pigs

-Craft 6 Jailhouse Songs

-Tend a Jailbird 15 Times

Rewards: 10 Triplet Stories, Fertile Ash Boost, 3x Wood Lily 

Notes: Jailhouse Songs are crafted. Jailbirds are a mission reward. 

Each Song requires 6 Lugubrious Lyrics (Snow Peas), 8 Mournful Melodies (Wall Post) and 8 Smooth Harmonicas (Direct Request)


3. Eddy's Daddy

-Harvest 12 Weeping Redbud Trees

-Craft 6 Paternity Evidence

-Tend Triplet Animals 20 Times

Rewards: 15 Triplet Stories, Aged Cheese, Random Reward  

Notes: Weeping Redbud Trees are a Free Gift. Paternity Evidence is crafted. Triplet Animals are a free gift and healed with 10 Triple Feeders which are crafted. 

Each Paternity Evidence requires 6 Old Posters (Violas), 8 Physical Description (Direct Request) and 8 Family Trees (Wall Post) 


Wrapper: BBQ Of Brothers

-Complete the first two Wrappers

-Finish all Triplet Tales

-Earn 350 Triplet Stories

Rewards: +1 Gallery Storage, +2 Warehouse Storage, Shopkeep Glasses unlocked 

Notes: Requirements one and two entail finishing all other missions except the Monday wrapper. Triplet Stories drop from completing missions, Barbecue crops, the Triplet Animals and the Frontier Fathers Collection.


Monday Wrapper: Ted's Surprise 

-Have all three Triplet Animals

-Harvest 75 Horseradish

-Craft 15 Two Seater Saddles

Rewards: Studly Horse, 5 Horseshoes, 4 Animal Edibles 

Notes: Triplet Animals are a free gift and healed with 10 Triple Feeders which are crafted. Two Seater Saddles are Crafted.

Each Triple Feeder requires 2 Wide Spouts (Fountain Grass) and 3 Half Barrels (Wall Post) 

Each Saddle requires 6 Adhesive Tape (Pitcher Plant) and 8 Used Saddles (Wall Post)


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