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Light-bulbhappyanniversary (spelled just like that no space) Disney City Girl Promo Code Still good as of June 3, 2014

by Rose Getter - Jun 03, 2014 Star_s182 views

All the info is shown in the title for this post.
I was playing the game earlier and clicked on the Promo Tab .. typed in:
happyanniversary and received 10 Gold. Type it just as I have .. no spaces .. I was actually surprised that I found a valid code from googling "cheats Disney City Girl on Facebook" ..

Everywhere else I looked .. they say they can give you codes, cheats, etc. . and that they are offering a free download .. so since I have a Mac, I figured .. let's check it out .. so I click on the download button and then I am taking to where I have to fill out a "quick" survey and once completed, the download will be available. Well, I did like the one offer so I went thru it, and it was only about 5 minutes of my time and when I completed the offer, surprise surprise, it didn't update on the original page so no download.

Needless to say, I high tailed it out of those sites!

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12-em-plus add reply

tha happyaniversary code does not work


None that I know of .. sorry .. but if you hear anything, by all means, let us know :D


any new ones already used that one

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