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Question-whiteWhat i do with fish?

by Carole Schmitt - Jun 04, 2014 Star_s7,014 views

level 34, I have 1096 fish in my stock and i don't know what made with this? Feed for dogs but how to give fish?

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how do you feed the fish to the dogs do i add the fish to cargo what is the process i cant seem to figure it


while they are worth alot when selling, don't make the mistake I did and sell them early on if you don't have to.

Later in the game, when you get to Polar Side, you can build a sled (the shaman sled) that will require both fish and porridge to feed the dogs.

Or you can use emeralds to buy a big sled that will require only fish to feed the dogs.


i have tried to feed my dog the porridge but i guess im not doing it right can someone please help me


I dont understand either. I have two white dogs, do they all have to be white? How do I even get all white dogs? how do i level up further? i now have the sled from Polar side (shaman sled). no other ones i had allowed to feed fish, soo... how do i level up?


You have to either level up your sled until you reach the white dogs or you have to just buy the best sled those are who you feed the fish to instead of using porridge. Until then you should just sell them for extra cash, you will get tons of options to both make and collect fish later on expeditions


feed it to white dogs

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