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Light-bulbFour Year Anniversary Missions - Luau on the Frontier

by Tonya Collins - Jun 05, 2014 Star_s966 views

It's time for a great big party on the homestead to celebrate our 4 year anniversary!!

Ted has decided a Luau would be a lot of fun and he will need our help to pull it off. We will have 5 missions, a Monday Wrapper as well as a 4 Stage build. To get the party started we will get to play some tropical games. The the Climbing Ripe Coconut Trees and Spear Throwing Games both act as injured animals and take 10 feed. Once completed they can drop one of 4 different Luau Animals.

On Monday we will see the Coal Bed which is a placeable decoration with a "fishing" mechanic.
We will also see some new tropical decorations to place around the homestead, new summer clothing for our avatars, and 2 new crops, the Red Pineapple (free gift) and the Tiki Torch (coin).

-New Free Gift Crop: Red Pineapple
-New Coin Crop: Tiki Torch


1. Frontier Luau?
-Clear Debris 12 times on any homestead
-Tend 20 Pigs
-Place the Luau
Rewards: 2 Red Pineapples, 2 Coal Piles, 2 Foot Wraps

Notes: You can visit neighbours to clear debris.


2. Natures Oven
-Harvest 25 Red Pineapples
-Climb Ripe Coconut Trees 8 Times
-Upgrade the Luau
Rewards: 2 Festive Cinnamon, 2 Deep Fry Woks, 2 Balanced Shafts

Notes: Red Pineapples are a Free Gift. Coconut Trees are climbed with 10 Coconut Climbers.
Each Climber requires 4 Climbing Claws (Tiki Torches) and 3 Foot Wraps (Wall Post)


3. Luau Libations
-Practice the Spear Toss 16 Times
-Harvest 40 Festive Cinnamon
-Upgrade the Luau
Rewards: Tuxedo Pig, 2 Pink Lily, 2 Fiddlehead Ferns

Notes: The Spear Toss is tended with with 10 Contest Spears. Festive Cinnamon is a Free Gift.
Each Spear requires 2 Sleek Spearheads (Steel Forge) and 3 Balanced Shafts (Wall Post)

4. Leis the Way
-Tend 15 Tuxedo Pigs
-Craft 10 Luau Leis
-Upgrade the Luau
Rewards: 2 Red Pineapples, Green Tiki, Grass Skirt

Notes: Tuxedo Pigs are a mission reward. Luau Leis are crafted.
Each Lei requires 6 Pink Petals (Pink Lily), 9 Purple Petals (Wall Post) and 8 Lei Twine (Direct Request).


5. Tiki's Blessings
-Fully Play 6 Spear Toss Games
-Harvest 60 Red Pineapples
-Complete the Luau
Rewards: Sixshooter Boost, Pink Tiki, Hawaiian Shirt

Notes: Spear Toss Games are played with 10 Contest Spears. Red Pineapples are a Free Gift.
Each Spear requires 2 Sleek Spearheads (Steel Forge) and 3 Balanced Shafts (Wall Post)


Monday Wrapper: Jack the Firewalker
-Collect all 4 Luau Animals
-Craft 12 Foot Medical Kits
-Walk Across the Coals 20 Times
Rewards: Frontier Tiki, Shearing for Shave Tails, Shades

Notes: Luau Animals are found in Ripe Coconut Tree and Spear Targets. Foot Medical Kits are Crafted. Walk Across Coals at the Coal Pit with Coal Courage.
Each Foot Medicine requires 8 Honey Oil (Honeydew Melons), 8 Aloe Vera Cream (Direct Request) and 6 Slightly Used Socks (Wall Post)
Each Courage requires 3 Luau Spirits (Spirit Cactus) and 3 Audience (Wall Post)


~~~~~Building Guide~~~~~

Stage One
8 Kalua Stones - Rocks
9 Salt Rock - Direct Request
10 Palm Branches - Wall Post
10 Luau Coals - Coal Piles
12 Pineapple Salsa - Direct Request
12 Luau Shovels - Wall Post

Stage Two
20 Green Olives - Basic Still
16 Tiny Umbrellas - Wall Post
8 Luau Loungers - Crafted
12 Crazy Straws - Compost Piles
12 Ice Blocks - Direct Request
9 Coconut Cups - Crafted
Crafting: Each Lounger Requires 4 Pine Seats (Pine Tree) and 8 Plush Headrests (Wall Post)
Each Cup requires 6 Shiny Handles (Silver Vein) and 8 Empty Coconuts (Direct Request)

Stage Three
20 Chip Bowls - Potatoes
16 Tropical Flower Arrangments - Wall Post
9 Fake Palm Tree - Crafted
15 Potato Chips - Deep Fry Woks
18 Balloon Boars - Direct Request
10 Tiki Prosperity Statues - Crafted
Crafting: Each Tree requires 6 Fern Fronds (Fiddlehead Fern) and 8 Flexible Trunks (Direct Request)
Each Statue requires 6 Festive Trunks (Oak Tree), 9 Whittling Implements (Wall Post) and 4 Tropical Paint (Direct Request)

Stage Four
15 Luau Sauce - Direct Request
16 Wooden Plates - Wall Post
12 Party Tikis - Crafted
18 Serving Shovels - Iron Forge
20 Jungle Juice - Wall Post
12 Luau Platters - Crafted
Crafting: Each Tiki requires 4 Skinny Trunks (Birch Tree), 8 Carving Hatchets (Wall Post) and 6 Party Lei (Direct Request)
Each Platter requires 8 Coarse Sandpaper (Devil's Claw), 8 Fancy Planks (Direct Request) and 5 Tropical Fruit Medleys (Wall Post)



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