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Question-whiteBushel Problem Farmville

by Sandy Devers - Jun 06, 2014 Star_s119 views

I set my bushels up to catch as many bushels as I can. I finally noticed that people were asking and getting more bushels coming in. I'm blocking those I catch asking for newer bushels or hard to get bushels. Is there anyway I can stop the people from asking and getting using this snag bar. I have a bad feeling you can't.

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12-em-plus add reply

On the snagged page of this program I found someone had requested bushels and my snag bar gave it to him leaving me with none. I think it was peas and carrots.


I'm now thinking someone knows how to cheat or maybe a glitch in the system. I will watch more carefully. Thanks for answering.


When people are 'asking' for bushels via facebook, the post has to be clicked and farm loaded before they are given the bushel from the post.


No if I put a bushel on my wall any one can get it unless I specifically send it to a certain person or I lock it to only certain people. I guess you could make a list of people you want to have things and allow them only to have your bushels. I believe you can do that on FB

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