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Light-bulbNeed help on magma mount, hard mode.

by Carrey Mage - Jun 07, 2014 Star_s3,353 views

I'm currently at the magma mount hard mode, and got a bit trouble with the setting of my towers.

Any leads?

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12-em-plus add reply

bouncing upgrade is the flying cutter.
I used 2 dragon towers, 1 barrack at the end, upgrading the barrack to the hall of divinity, then add assassin's towers for everything else
to survive the first wave, I used 1 barrack(lv 2) 1 dragon tower, 1 basic cannon tower. used a lvl 2 blizzard and lv 2 reinforcements


what is the bouncing upgrade and are u talking about using the dragon towers at the end on the right right by the exit


sorry, ive done it now.
you'll need atleast the bouncing upgrade for assassin towers.
first you need 2 dragon towers and a barack at the end of the road, upgrade the barrack to healers, then add an archer tower on the middle upper spot.
after that it's a smooth ride


yea me too. I have all my towers at level 33 magic at level 35 and 3 heroes at level 30+ and cant even get past the first wave. Tried different set ups and nothing is working at all

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