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Light-bulbHow to get max points in blitz acre

by Satwika Ajib - Jun 16, 2014 Star_s8,538 views

If you're wondering, How the F*** did theese people get 17K ++ score at the blitz acres, here are the things that you must have first:

1. A lvl 30 hero

2. A lot of time

Why? because you have to make it to the lvl 30 blitz acre first, kill the fire boss, and DO NOT click (but do click the one that is close enough to the finish line) the summoning portal that the boss spawns. when the boss died, the portal remain. after that, you just wait, about 1 hour or so, and there you go...

The rest is easy

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12-em-plus add reply

The level 30 strategy makes no sense. I have tried various different ways but all the portals close by themselves after a very short time. What exactly are you doing to get them to stay open after killing the Fire Boss? I am easily able to kill the 3 Marsh Kings on level 50 but can't figure this level 30 trick. Any help or even a video would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Gash


Sorry. This morning i tried ONLY assasins towers fron first wave to 50 without a break. And what do u yhink? )))

My score is 9 000. Fucking magic. I don't kwon realy

My tower lvl is 49 and i have both skills.


LAtest news. We all were wrong. I have just played ONLY assasins from 45 to 50 wave and get on 3000 points more than ONLY witch tower. Tomorrow i will start from first wave.


Fucking lol ))) You should use skills (a s d) as fast as cooldown resets.

Cast and cast this fucking skills. Not necessary kill monster by skills, just press this fucking A S D buttons somewere =))


Did this work for you? I tried it... and when an 1 1/2 hours want by... I clicked on all the opened portals, and the level was over... and then the game sent me a message, saying that the game is not in sync with me... So I need to refresh the screen... when I did that... all my kills where gone... DOES ANY ONE KNOW HOW TO GET 17,000 + kills???


and DO NOT click (but do click the one that is close enough to the finish line)


i dont understand this because after killing fire boss the window pops up with "take breather" or "continue" options, i tried "take breather" and i can only continue after getting back to it??

what gives?
thanks in advance

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