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Question-whiteCafeland made the mistake Why should I be punished

by Diane Sledmore - Jun 18, 2014 Star_s606 views

Some thing just happened to me on cafeland has it happened to anyone else. they had the fruit machine on a special for 13 days it was 10 hearts a play but there was a glitch, a mistake by the creators and I kept playing and playin and won over 10k in cafeland cash. They have just stopped my game with the message your session has ended and taken away all of the cash but left 50 cafeland cash. My problem with this is that it was their mistake not mine and I won risking a wager each time. If this had been a gambling machine in real life the winner would have taken the cash and if they had not cheated then legally the winnings is theirs. They should have taken it on the chin and not punish me for their mistake.

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12-em-plus add reply

then go to a real gambling machine, then internet is for losers

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