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Light-bulbTed's Treasure Hunt

by Tonya Collins - Jun 28, 2014 Star_s1,324 views


Just when Ted and Bess find out their family is growing , Ted's Old flame Silvia has decided to pay him a visit and wants Ted's help to find the treasure they hid together.

We will need to help Ted out by completing a 5 mission thread, a wrapper , and a second wrapper to be released on Monday, as well as a 4 stage build, the Seaside Cottage.

During the missions we will be tracking down the lost pirate treasure. This will be done in a two step healing process. The rist step is to use Ted's Map Half (available for coins)  or Sylvia's Map half, )available for horseshoes ) and healing each with 3 map decoders which are crafted.

Ted's map half can drop on map clue and Syvias can drop all 3. Those are then healed with 6 wall post items, the Scallyway Flag. Once these are healed they wil then drop collection and other items and possibly turn into a permanent decoration that will drop vetoes, pardoms and Gold dust!


-New Free Gift Crop: Grog

-New collection: Pirate Booty Collection




1. Treasure Ahoy

-Harvest 12 Orange Trees

-Harvest 25 Caterpillar Nests

-Place the Seaside Cottage

  Rewards: 500 XP, Animal Edibles, Scurvy Duck


2. Ships Ahoy

-Harvest 20 Lakeweed

-Decode Ted or Silvia's Map Halves 9 times.

-Upgrade the Seaside Cottage

  Rewards: 3 Grog, 3 Pardons, Scallywagger

Notes: Map Halves are int he market, Ted's is coin, Silvias is HS. They're tended with 3 Map Decoders which are crafted.


3. Irate Pirate

-Tend Scallywaggers 12 times

-Investigate 8 Possible Chest Locations

-Upgrade the Seaside Cottage

  Rewards:Silvia's Map Half, 3 Vetoes, Pirate Bunny

Notes: You received a Scallywagger from the last mission. Find Chest Locations (Suspicious Xs, Skull Caverns and Dead Man's Drinks) from Ted's Map Half (one) orSilvia's Map Half (all three) and are investigated with 6 Scalliwag Flags (Wall Post).


4. Quest for Booty

-Harvest 45 Red Pineapple

-Complete the Pirate Booty Collection 4 times

-Upgrade the Seaside Cottage

  Rewards: Hef De Partie, 50 Gold Dust, Jolly Roger

Notes: Red Pineapples are a Free Gift. The Pirate Booty Collection comes from healing Suspicious Xs, Skull Caverns and Dead Man's Drinks.


5. The Original Planking

-Harvest 60 Black Eyed Peas

-Open the Treasure Chest

-Complete the Seaside Cottage

  Rewards: Animal Vaccine, Golden Grin, +2 Warehouse Storage

Notes: The Treasure Chest is in the market and healed with 8 Treasure Combinations which come from the Collection.


Wrapper: The Pirate's Code

--Fully investigate 24 Suspicious Xs

Fully investigate the Skull Cavern 24 times

-Fully investigate Dead Man's Drink 24 times

  Rewards:Buccaneer's Bandana, +5 Gallery Storage, Double Nature Shrine Rewards

Notes: Each item comes from Ted's Map Half (one) or Silvia's Map Half (all three). They are healed with 6 Scallywag Flags (Wall Post).


Monday Wrapper: All Apologies 

-Tend 15 Pirate Pigs

-Harvest 50 Birds of Paradise

-Craft 101 Remorseful Letters

  Rewards:Scallywagon, Pirate's Patch, Fertile Ash Boost

Notes: Pirate Pigs are a previous mission reward and in the Market. Remorseful Letters are Crafted.

Each Letter requires 1 Spanish Compensation (Gold Forges) and 1 Contrite Words (Wall Post)         





Stage One

6 Portholes - Glass Forges

12 Map Compasses - Direct Request

12 Scavenged Ship Parts - Wall Post

10 Sea Compass - American Moss

10 Shipwrecked Boats - Direct request

12 Pirate Dictionaries - Wall Post


Stage Two

12 Dog Distractors - Cows

10 Scurvy Disguises - Wall Post

9 Lockbreakers - Crafted

12 Hardtack - Wild Oats

12 Heavy Duty File - Direct Request

8 Goodnight Grog - Craft

Crafting: Each Lockbreaker requires 4 Cannon Powder (Fool's Gold) and 8 Gunwale Funnels (Wall Post)

Each Grog requires 6 Dream Dust (Valerian) and 6 Scuttlin' Spirits (Direct Request)


Stage Three

10 Dead Men's Tales - Skulls

16 Treasure Trail - Wall Post

9 Treasure Haulers - Crafted

16 Long John's Digger - Silver Forge

12 Scurvy Spyglasses - Direct Request

10 Treasure Detectors - Crafted

Crafting: Each Treasure Hauler requires 7 Handcarts (Harvest Gourds) and 8 Offroad Wheels (Direct Request)

Each Treasure Detector requires 4 Ship's Hounds (White Dogwood Trees), 10 Treasure Hunting Attire (Wall Post) and 4 Scent of Gold (Direct Request)


Stage Four

15 Boardin' Pikes - Direct Request

16 Swingin' Lines - Wall Post

12 Swashbucklin' Equipment - Crafted

18 Captain's Flintlocks - Steel Forges

18 Brass Monkeys - Wall Post

12 Sixpounders - Crafted

Crafting: Each Equipment requires 6 Coxswain's Cutless (Silversword), 9 Loose Fitting Clothing (Wall Post) and 5 Captain's Tricorns (Direct Request)

Each Sixpounder requires 9 Sturdy Minecarts (Lichen), 9 Cannon Rigging (Direct Request) and 5 Cannon Barrels (Wall Post)




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