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Light-bulbLevel 98 Frogs

by Diane Sanzin Jones - Jul 03, 2014 Star_s13,973 views

I am stuck on level 98, how do you get rid of the frogs?

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Help, I'm Stuck!

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12-em-plus add reply

Honestly I feel like they should only add three bubbles if you missed times whether or not you missed three times in a row or not you missed three times then that's when the addiction bubbles should be added I really hope they change this because some of these levels are nearly impossible and then you don't even get enough bubbles and especially at the end when you need that one color and they give you every color except that one lol


Theodore is right, that's the trick to 98!


Look to take care of the white bubbles first. Unlock these bubbles to create more opportunities. Once you have done this, look to bounce the bubbles off of the wall to hit groups of bubbles high up on the board to help you to remove large clumps of bubbles at once.


I don't have only two triangles of dots. I have three! Where are you playing this that you only get two sets of dots?


I was stuck on this level for AGES but I found the trick! You can't get rid of the frogs at the top but they only make bubbles when their whole faces are on the screen. So, after you've got rid of the three frogs at the bottom and the one in the middle, ADD bubbles to the inverted pyramid at the top until you can only see half of the frogs' faces. They'll stay asleep and then you can clear the top uninterrupted :)


Problem is Michelle, you've never been to level 98, nor did you look at Chao Lam's video before you gave your advice. Anyone who's made it to level 98 knows how to get rid of frogs your way. Because on that level there are three frogs on the top row with no bubbles behind them to pop to make them "fall away". It's a really tough level and from what I can see. We just have to beat the 3 frogs' time. Wow.


@michelle they have 3 eyes not 2.


To get rid of the frogs, remove the bubbles behind them that attach them to the main group of bubbles. Now, without being connected anymore, they'll fall away. But be careful, when both their eyes are open, they add 3 additional bubbles (each frog) to the pile. So, you'll want to get rid of them as fast as you can. In the first moves

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