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Light-bulbMeet Sarah! - The Etiquette Desk

by Tonya Collins - Jul 03, 2014 Star_s1,015 views

Bess' niece Sarah is quit a handful and has been sent to stay with Bess and Ted out on the Homestead so they can teach her some new life lessons.

We will have the usual 5 mission set as well as a wrapper and a second wrapper which will be released on Monday. Instead of one build, we will see 2. The first is the standard build we are  used to, the Etiquette Desk. The second is Sarah herself who will change will the storyline. Instead of an actual build we will be completing different tasks.

we will also be introduced to  a new "injured animal", Chores , which will be tended with 6 honest work. (a wall pst item) They can then turn into one of 3 types.


-Meet Sarah!

-New Build: The Etiquette Desk

-New Injured Animal: Chore

-New Free Gift: Heather





1. Bess' Niece

Tend 25 Chickens

Place Sarah

Place the Etiquette Desk

 Rewards: Sharp Axe, 2 Frontier Experience, 2 Blue Essence Labs


2. Granny's Vase

Do 3 Chores

Clean up Granny's Vase

Upgrade the Etiquette Desk

 Rewards:  Bullwhip, 2 Hide Prepping Stations, 2 Frontier Know How


3. Courting Sarah

Harvest 30 Pink Lillies

Give Sarah Dating Advice

Upgrade the Etiquette Desk

 Rewards: Green Lightning, 2 Escargot Boost, 2 Frontier Smarts


4. Sarah's New Friend

Harvest 40 Devil's Claw

Rescue Sarah from Amy Steele

Upgrade the Etiquette Desk

 Rewards: Tough Hand Tonic, 2 Heather, 2 Spirit Flame


5. Saving Sarah

Do 9 Chores

Save Sarah from Snakes

Complete the Etiquette Desk

 Rewards: Sixshooter Boost, 5 Vetoes, Deep Fried Chocobar

Notes: Chores are completed with 6 Honest Work (Wall Post).


Wrapper: Sarah's Chores

Harvest 60 Cheesemakers

Tend 1'500 Gardener Sheep

Collect 5 Dirty Dishes Dogs

 Rewards: Wrecked Wagon, 5 Pardons, Guardian Angel Wings

Notes: Dirty Dishes Dogs drop from Doing Chores.


Monday Wrapper: Runaway Wagon

Harvest 60 Wild Nettles

Tend 500 Rideable Animals

Craft 12 Wagon Licences

 Rewards: Saving Grace, 3 Fertile Ash Boosts, Wreckless Wagon

Notes: Wagon Licences are Crafted.






Sarah -Mission 2 

10 Frontier Experience - Heather

8 Frontier Smarts - Direct Request


Etiquette Desk Stage 1

9 Chopped Wood - Oak Tree

10 Knitted Blankets - Direct Request

12 Cleanin' Brooms - Wall Post

10 Filled Wash Buckets - Lavender

12 Knitters Needles - Direct Request

12 Brass Dustpans - Wall Post 


Sarah - Mission 3 

1 Last Place Prize - Whack a Varmint Game

5 Dating Savvy - Crafted 

Each Savvy requires 6 Frontier Experience (Heather) and 8 Frontier Know-How (Wall Post)


Etiquette Desk Stage 2

18 Large Toothpicks - Pine Tree

10 Old Fashioned Dresses - Wall Post

9 Terrible Smelling Perfume - Crafted

12 Platform Shoes - Hide Prepping Stations

12 Blue Lipstick - Direct Request

8 Hair Raisers - Crafted

Crafting: Each Perfume requires 5 Durian Juice (Mayfly Nests) and 8 Perfume Puffers (Wall Post)

Each Hair Raiser Requires 6 Static Electricity (Blue Essence Lab) and 6 Shag Carpets (Direct Request) 


Sarah - Mission 4 

12 Steele's Warrants - Wall Post

8 Stranger Danger Alerts - Crafted

15 Amy Evidence - Debris 

Each Alert requires 6 Frontier Experience (Heather), 9 Frontier Know-How (Wall Post) and 8 Frontier Smarts (Direct Request)


Etiquette Desk- Stage 3

18 Life Experience - Oxen

16 Relationship Advice - Wall Post

9 Outlaw Directories - Crafted

16 Wits - Spirit Flames

12 Horror Stories - Direct Request

10 Scared Straight Sessions - Crafted

crafting: Each Outlaw Directory requires 7 Book Binding (Recycle Bins) and 8 Stack of Wanted Signs (Direct Request)

Each Scared Straight Session requires 6 Bad Decisions (Basic Still), 10 Prison Experiences (Wall Post) and 4 Captive Audience (Direct Request) 


Sarah - Mission 5 

20 Wits - Spirit Flames

10 Devenomisation Stations - Crafted 

Each Station Requires 8 Frontier Experience (Heather), 8 Frontier Know-How (Wall Post) and 8 Frontier Smarts (Direct Request)


Etiquette Desk - Stage 4

15 Beware Signs - Direct Request

16 Deodorant Sprays - Wall Post

12 City Folk Armour - Crafted

18 Soft Skin Lotions - Ginger

18 Potpourri Masks - Wall Post

12 City Folk Safe Zone - Crafted

Crafting: Each Armour requires 6 Plush Padding (Sheep) 9 Sturdy Stitching (Wall Post) and 5 Tin Plating (Direct Request)

Each Zone requires 3 Clearin' Hoes (Brass Forges), 9 Desolate Areas (Direct Request) and 5 Sanitizers (Wall Post)






















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