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Light-bulbGamers Unite! is experimenting with how we award the Top Posters of the week. Ok, what was the Top Poster of t

by Angiee Niccolle Bellasarakody - Jul 10, 2014 Star_s16 views

Gamers Unite! is experimenting with how we award the Top Posters of the week.

Ok, what was the Top Poster of the week?

Top Posters of the Week started at the end of 2010 to award members with great posts and answers. At the time, we weren't quite sure how to look for those posts and answers. So we decided to go through the most popular posts over the last two weeks and handpick the top 5-10 posts. We discovered many great and helpful members along the way, most of whom became permanent Top Posters on GU! (Vanessa and Michał where art thou? ).

Problem with the current system

Our system, however, had couple of drawbacks:

Since we looked over the last two weeks, the topics we chose to award were, quite often, already out-dated.Many of our members were not very interested in engaging with the Top Poster of the Week threads, because, we assume, many thought the threads weren't really related to them.

We knew about these issues from the beginning but weren't sure of a good solution.

The new change we are thinking of doing

Then, lately, we were spending more time trying to improve our Facebook Fan Page to engage more with you, our fans/members. We were experimenting with posting good posts and questions from our site to our fan page, and we got a lot more interactions from our members.

It seemed like this was going somewhere! So we thought, "How about we award GU! coins to some of those posts right away instead of waiting 2 weeks?" This way, the topic is not outdated and the poster gets instant gratification

On top of this, to encourage better written and more helpful answers, we came up with an idea of doing a mini-contest where we would occasionally feature an unanswered question from our Forum and award GU! Coins to the members with the most helpful, and best written, answer(s). We would award members with the best answers from both our Fan Page and our Forum. In fact, we are already experimenting this on the fan page!

How much GU! coins are we giving out?

We will be awarding a total of 2000 GU! Coins each week as we did before, but instead of awarding 200 GU! coins only to 10 people, we are planning to set it to 100 GU! coins so we can award more people each week! There is no limit on how many coins a GU! member can win each week, and coin awards can happen at any time. GU! coins awarded from this can be redeemed to Facebook Credits (unlike coins earned from offers), Zynga Game Cards or you can donated to your favorite charities. More info on GU! coins here.

As in the past, we will always be looking for the best written, most helpful posts to award. While a post doesn't have to be perfect, it does have to be readable, understandable, and complete.

For now, this new format of how we award GU! Coins is an experiment as we still haven't figured out the system fully yet. We hope to hear some feedback from our you, our members, on how we can improve it. Most importantly, we hope everybody enjoys participating more in the community!

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