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Question-whiteAnimal care for specific animals?

by Jay Nedoe - Jul 17, 2014 Star_s328 views

When I use the Animal Care task, my spouse seems to tend random animals. Is there any way to get him to tend only horses, for example?

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Nope. He just really, really, really loves that piggy. I put the pig on one side of the farm and set him to start feeding an animal on the opposite site. After feeding the first animal he ran straight across the farm to said pig. It's not his fault, they are cute. About the ckids though .. I don't know. They never listen, or so I'm told. lol.


No doubt those ones were nearest. He's a lazy little tyke does one thing and runs back for a sit down at the table or takes a nap on the ground.Maybe the kids will have a better work ethic .lol.


Julie, you're right. The first you can pick yourself, unfortunately the Teacup pig is still his favorite which is now prized so I let it stay on the farm just to avoid him feeding the other one to prized. Today however he suddenly turned to feed a chicken and a sheep as his third pick instead of his other favorite animal, a Girgentana goat. Mayby he's just afraid of the other animals.


Dont let him pick ! You can drop him on the animal of your choice I must admit the second one he feeds can be a bit random but at least you can choose the first, and if you put the 2 you want fed next to each other he sometimes feeds them .


This is in fact the most annoying task in my opinion. My 'sweatheart' always picks the same animals to tend to which means that those specific animals drop enormously in their amount of feeding. My teacup pig dropped from 31 to 17 with just one superfeed while this task needs to be done 8 times. Ridiculous. Why not feed those that actually need to be fed or a certain group of animals?

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